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Trek Light Gear

Banana Hammock Bundle

How many times have I told you?

There's always money in the banana hammock stand.

Banana Hammocks? We've Got 'Em

Two things are true about Trek Light Gear:

We've heard just about every banana hammock joke under the sun.

And we hate cancer. 

So we've decided to finally do something about both of them and are proud to introduce the all-yellow, cancer fighting, (Double) Banana Hammock.

20% of all proceeds from the Banana Hammock sales will go directly towards cancer research and the fight to eradicate cancer once and for all.

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Cancer sucks, let's laugh our way towards a cure together.

Available right now in a limited quantity, you can be the first on your block to own the only banana hammock you can use as a bed (you could also find a way to wear it if you're creative enough) and help the world's mission to eradicate cancer at the same time.

Banana Hammock Bundle Includes:
    Banana Hammock Sales Help Support the American Cancer Society


    • Holds up to 400lbs, weighs only 20oz.
    • Compresses to the size of a grapefruit when packed
    • Carrying pouch remains attached (never lose it!) and functions as an ideal pocket for your book, water bottle, flashlight, etc.
    • Ultra-soft nylon leaves no marks in your back
    • Conforms to your body: Big enough to share, yet perfect for you.
    • Hanging Kit (w/ carabiners) included!
    • Designed so you can sleep all night long whether on the trail or right at home.


    • Length: 10ft / 3.05m
    • Width: 6.5ft / 1.98m
    • Hammock Weighs: 20oz
    • Max Weight: 400lbs
    • Pouch: 5" x 9" (uncompressed)
    • Lifetime Warranty & Happiness Guarantee