Trek Light Pro Deals, Coupons & Discounts

Ways To Save With Trek Light Coupons & Discounts

Trek Light is a small business and you have our promise to always price our products fairly while providing the best quality, value, and support - for life.

That being said, who doesn't like to save a buck, right?!

Here are some of the discounts we offer and the ways you can save:

Join Our Email List / SMS

Whenever we have a big sale, we'll send out an exclusive alert to our subscribers so you'll always be among the first to know about ways to save.

We view our email/SMS family as our best customers and #1 fans, so we also love sharing some exclusive 'members-only' offers from time to time.

Our new product drops are also a huge incentive for joining our email/SMS list. When we announce new products they often sell out FAST, and those of you on our email/SMS list will be among the first to know whenever we're launching something new!

Look for our popup to join or use the signup block at the bottom of any page on our site.

Social Media

Our social media pages are where you can stay up to date on real-time happenings at Trek Light. If you follow us on social media you'll see that we like to have fun and will occasionally post some flash sales, contests, and even giveaways.

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and you'll never miss a cool promotion again.

Warehouse Deals

The Warehouse Deals section in our shop is a great place to find some of our best savings on Trek Light products. You'll find everything from closeout styles to products on deep discount! Keep in mind that products purchased from our Warehouse Deals may have some additional caveats like no returns allowed or no warranty included (always mentioned on the product page if so).

Check out our Warehouse Deals now!

College Students

That's right. Just like at the movie theater, being a student actually gets you somewhere at Trek Light. We remember what it was like being a college student and strapped for cash, truth be told we also know what it's like being in your 30's and feeling the same way.

If you're a student we want you to have the chance to relax, adventure, bond with friends, and study in comfort (right?) - without breaking the bank. Send us an email with a copy of your active/current Student ID and we'll send you the hookup!

Want to take it one step further? Start a Hammock Club at your school and we can help support you with group discounts and much more. We've helped launch and support a number of hammock clubs over the year so get in touch if you're interested in starting something at your school!

Teachers & Librarians

Trek Light wouldn't exist if it weren't for the incredible teachers and librarians that helped us learn and grow along the way.

It's an unfortunate reality that most of our teachers and librarians are underpaid and underappreciated in our culture today - so we're doing what we can to help you to relax and enjoy our products at a price you deserve.

Send us an email with a way we can verify your employment - pay stub, badge, school email address & online profile, etc. and we'll do our homework and get back to you with a much-deserved discount!

Military, Fire, Police, Medical & Peace Corps Members

If you're an active member of the U.S. Military, an active duty Police Officer or Firefighter, Doctor, Nurse, EMS or a Peace Corps Volunteer, you have our support and our gratitude! You also have earned yourself a sweet discount!

To get your discount code we'll need verification of your enlistment so just send us an email with any method of verifying your service/employment that we can rely on (a copy of your Military/Police/Fire ID, PCV acceptance letter, pay stub, etc.) and we'll get back to you with a coupon of thanks.

Outdoor Industry Employees

We offer a Pro Deal discount to employees and organizations within the Outdoor Industry. You can either contact us as an individual (we'll need to verify your employment in the industry) or you can ask your employer to contact us directly about setting up a Pro Deal for your entire company or organization.

Group / Bulk Purchases

If you're interested in buying 10 or more of an item we can usually offer you a bulk discount (may vary by product). Whether you're buying employee/family gifts or just convincing some friends to join together so you can all save, we're happy to make it easier for you. We can also do custom branding for larger bulk orders, just ask for details.

Contact us to inquire and place a group or bulk purchase!