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Worked great at a chilly Fiesta de los Vaquero Rodeo in Tucson AZ.

Love it.

Stunning Colors

I sent this blanket to my Uncle who has just begun chemo. I wanted him to have something to keep him warm and brighten his day. He really loves it and it makes me happy knowing that we can be there with him until we are able to visit. (We live a couple states away).

Thank you for being so kind Doreen.
Exactly as promised

Perfect color for My room. Soft and Comfy.A beauty.

Your home is GORGEOUS Cameron and the blanket fits in perfectly.
Great blanket

Love the weight, the bright colors. Now a staple in our living room. Shipped fast & enjoyed fantastic customer service. Big fan!

The Reba looks beautiful in your living room. Stay cozy!
Blanket Statement

" Most people just stare blankly as I describe how this blanket's midweight design for durability and warmth, combine with it's shapeshifting bird pattern with vivid colors and fringed ends, which has been, by the way,woven on a traditional handloom, bitches! Having this blanket of magical craftsmanshi, this sacred textile has upped my snuggle game. "

~ Jim Bargas
Cat Rustler

This is GREAT! Stay cozy and keep being awesome Jim!
Excellent and Personal Service

It seems my blanket got lost in USPS somewhere - Heather personally called me to assure me another is on its way! Can’t wait for my daughter to get her gift!
Love that the Trek Light Gear team reached out directly and are so responsive!!!

Blanket and chill

Haven't had the chance to take it out for a spin yet. Death Valley or Mount Lemon may do the honors soon. Meanwhile, I enjoy it on my couch watching the popular yellow people show :) very cozy, heavy and quality you can feel.

Thank you, Jorge! Stay cozy and happy adventures!
My Favorite Blanket

I can't get enough of this blanket! It serves as a great companion on all my trips. It has a great large size and the pattern is beautiful. It was also perfect for a quick outdoor nap with friends while running Ragnar DC this year. Thank you again for a wonderful product!

Thanks, Michelle! Happy napping and thanks so much for sharing this photo and making us smile. :)
Perfect, and fun.

I bought this hammock for hanging with my family in our back yard. From the minute I found the site til the first time we hung it and got in, it was a pleasure. The color, material, ease of use and interaction with the company is all great. Super easy to use. Quick to put up and take down.

Thank you!

Perfect spot for the hammock - looks beautiful! Thanks Amy!

My daughter loves this hammock. We set them up in our workout area to test them out.

The hammocks look awesome! So glad to hear your daughter loves her hammock!
Just what he wanted

Bought this sticker for hubby, he is an avid hammocker and he is collecting stickers on his car so it was a perfect gift. We love our trek light hammocks. We entered the tattoo contest. And proudly show our support. It c ame quickly. Thanks.

The sticker looks awesome Andreanna! Thanks for being a part of the TLG family - we appreciate you!
Awesome company!

Amazing product! Love to use it

Thank you, Lacie! We think you're awesome too!

At first hang!!

Relaxation at it's best! Thanks for sharing, Tara!
Adventure Vibe Set!

Took these little gems on a camping trip recently up to the Redwoods National Forrest in Northern CA and boy did they bring just the right energy for a fun little adventure! They were smaller than I expected, but they fit perfectly across the opening to our tent so we made that they're home. Love the touch of color and sense of adventure that they brought to our little temporary home. :)

Home Sweet Home :) The prayer flags look beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing this photo!
New FAVE Blanket!

Just took this gorgeous blanket camping up in the Redwoods (CA) and not only did it make for a beautiful accent to our campsite but it sure came in handy both riverside (thick enough to protect us from the rocks) and in the tent to keep us warm at night! Great quality, sturdy material, and beautiful design!

Glad to see you've already brought your blanket on an amazing adventure! The picture is beautiful! Happy travels!
Light, but prefer cotton

Sorry . . but I prefer my cotton ones. Trek Light Gear is indeed light, and great for camping trips . . but at home, I find the woven cotton far more comfortable and easier to use. I have used all types of hammocks for years. While I like the lightness of this, and the fact that it dries quickly after getting wet, I don't find it as comfortable to use as the woven cotton of the same style. With the latter, I can sit on the side of it, almost like a hammock chair, and it is extremely easy to get out of. With the nylon, the sides are higher, preventing sitting on the side of it . . and I find the nylon to be hotter than the open weave cotton. so not ideal for daytime naps.

Nearly indesctructible

I don't remember how may years ago that I purchased this, but I think it was the first year that it was introduced as a new product they designed to use the leftover material from the manufacture of the hammocks. I've used it extensively for travel, as a camera bag, gym bag, grocery bag, day hike bag. The only change over these years that I can see is a very slight fraying and fading of the Trek Light label! Otherwise not a stitch has pulled or any signs of wear. I carry this with me at all times in my bigger backpack since it is so light and versatile. I've gotten my money's worth years ago and I expect to have this for years to come. I highly recommend it!

Thank you for being a part of the TLG family Bob! Stories like yours are our favorite. Happy trails with your Bindle Daypack!
Amazing hammock!! Chill out time for stressed

I manage an animal hospital and the days can get crazy, exhausting and emotional. It can go from Zero to Fractious Feral Cat in a hot second. No matter how rewarding it is, sometimes we just need some decompression time. At some point, as a hospital team, we decided to get a hammock to have on the back porch of our clinic (our clinic is a tiny converted house in Campbell) to have for breaks, lunches and some chill times. It has been amazing for the morale of the hospital having this hammock to set up on our back patio! And I myself recently borrowed it from the clinic to take with my husband, friends and I to a cabin in the mountains, and it was so peaceful! I love this hammock! The shipping was also fast, and it's so easy to set up and take down! AND the donating of trees is a great perk and helps you feel even better about your purchase!

Thank you for spreading the hammock love, Dustin! We'd be happy to hook up anyone else that works at the Animal Hospital with a discount. Everything is better in hammock and we're so happy to hear that it helps everyone on your team to find a way to relax.Thanks for being a part of the TLG fam! :)
Hammock a hit in South Oz

Double hammock just delivered here in South Australia as ordered on line. Great service, things exactly described. Friendly vibe from TLG all the way. Thrilled with hammock. Thanks guys. Michael
Adelaide, South Australia

Michael! Your happiness means alot to us and we're so glad to hear you've been enjoying your new hammock! Thanks so much for the kind words.
Super Comfortable

I’ve already used it a few times star gazing or just relaxing in the back yard. I strongly recommend the hammock calculator since it took out the guess work of how high to hang it. I could easily doze off in it and the kids love being able to hop in as well.

Matt! Love the photos - thanks for sharing! Happy hammocking!
Candle Conniseur

I am an avid camper and know quite a bit about the great outdoors and know first thing about the glorious smells attributed to it!! I own THOUSANDS of candles and when I read the description of this candle, my curiosity got the best of me and I had to have it! Could it really be possible? Capturing that illusive outdoor smell of trees, fresh air AND a campfire that stole my heart so many years ago as a child that has me forever wanting to escape this concrete jungle and wander back into the folds of Mother Nature? As I waited in anticipation, the candle came in a very tamely manner in a nicely packaged box with a nice handwritten note whichI thought was a brilliant touch. As I raced home from the mailbox, I could hardily contain my childlike anticipation as I quickly grabbed my lighter and sat back waiting, no...hoping for the magic to happen. Much to my disappointment, the room started to fill with the ever too familiar scent of so many candles before it. The smell wafting from my candle was that of pine, strong, overpowering smell of that which could've been found in Glade Evergreen candle at my local supermarket for a lot cheaper! No undertones of campfire, only pine, and not even fresh pine, a pine scent that one gets from opening a bottle of Pine Sol. The company gets a 5 star for delivery speed, packaging and the personal touch from the handwritten note, but a 2 star on the lack of true outdoor, camping smell of my child/adulthood. Will still order from this company in hopes of capturing that "true" outdoor camping candle that continues to elude me!

Hi Cathleen - We're so sorry to hear that you didn't like the candle! Your description of the smell is very different than what we've heard from others, but we always appreciate hearing honest feedback so thanks for sharing! If you'd like to return the candle to us or need anything at all don't hesitate to reach out so we can help.
Nice Blankets!

Of the three blankets we bought this is my favorite color, I would have liked to keep it but I liked it so much I gave it away as a gift! We will order another soon

You rock, Richard! Thanks for spreading the blanket love and paying it forward. :)
Awesome little flags!

Bought 2 sets. They are colorful and well-made. The Get Outdoors set is a gift for my daughter who will be working/camping in the Adirondacks this summer. We are going to use the Bluegrass flags when we camp at MerleFest.

We hope your prayer flags bring lots of smiles to peoples faces. :) It sounds like they're already being put to great use!
This must be the place sticker

This sticker is adorable!
(I love this song so when I saw the sticker I had to buy it!)

Thanks, Emily! We appreciate you!
Awesome - recommended!

Love these blankets! We already own 2. They are robust, comfortable, beautiful, and make our place even more homey. Will be buying more!

Thanks for the kind words, Eric! Stay cozy with your blankets.

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