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Bindle Daypack
Linda Marcantonio (Sedona, AZ)
Awesome daypack

Day Hiking Sedona and love this little pack as held essential to insure a safe solo hike. As long as straps were tight the pack stayed on back well. Packs down super small if putting in a suitcase or larger pack. Worth the price!

Mystery Blanket
Jennifer Duffy
Mystery Blanket

Love the mystery blanket I received. My kids love it too. Will order more for gifts.

Red Rocks Blanket
Adrienne Novak (Cherryville, NC)
Santa thinks Red Rocks rocks!

I got my husband the Red Rocks Blanket for Christmas and bought myself the Huntington. They arrived a week before Christmas and I was so tempted to make it an early Christmas gift because I so wanted to wrap myself up in that exquisite blanket while watching a favorite Xmas movie! But I kept mine hidden and I wrapped his up to open Christmas Eve. He loves it! And I love mine too! I’ll be buying more for the rest of my family. What a great product from a great company/family who are doing great things!

Mystery Blanket
Kristi McCullough (Fair Oaks, CA)
Beautiful Blanket

l ordered 2 mystery blankets and was surprised that I received 2 of the same blanket. But they are made really well and are just beautiful. I received the Divided Sky Blanket in Rust !!
I love the blanket and the colors are perfect. I haven't taken it with me anywhere yet cause it just looks too nice on my bed.

I originally ordered a blanket for my son that camps all the time. He talked so much about the blanket that I just had to get one myself.

Thank you Trek Light for such nice blankets.

Positive Vibrations Blanket
Sara Thompson (Northville, MI)
Awesome Blanket!

Exactly what I was looking for!

Halley's Comet Blanket
Carol Anderson (Tulsa, OK)

Love it

Huntington Blanket
Catherine S. (Orange, CA)
Perfect. I love this blanket.

I needed a blanket that could hold up to kids and dogs, be used outside by the fire, and still look great as an accent! I hadn’t even noticed the tag in the advertisement, and it’s my favorite part! I couldn’t be happier with this blanket.

Goldie Blanket
Patricia (Honey Brook, PA)
I’m Obsessed!

I absolutely love these blankets! I have four now. The colors and quality are fabulous AND they’re washable! Kudos Trek Light Gear family!

Horizon Blanket
Ray LaFaver (Columbus, OH)
Unique and Beautiful!

I'm using my Horizon blanket as a topper for the comforter in my Airstream trailer. Love how uniquely beautiful it is especially when compared to any of the chain sore "bedspreads" and the like.

Positive Vibrations Blanket
Jacqueline Houpt (Bellingham, WA)
Love it!

I am blown away by this company, and this blanket. It feels so great to support a small, eco-friendly company, and receive a wonderful product. I purchased a positive vibrations blanket and I love it. The texture is soft and nubbly, lightweight yet warm and absolutely beautiful. I am plotting which ones to buy next as gifts and for myself. Thanks TLG for an awesome blanket and for being good humans!

Red Rocks Blanket
Nancy Smyth (Los Angeles, CA)
Gorgeous blanket

We got the blanket for our couch where our pooch sleeps. It looks great and protects the couch to boot! We love trek light gear. Wonderful products and delightful people.

Homeward Bound Key Tag
Happy Traveler (Center Valley, PA)
Homeward Bound beacon

I stuck our return address label on one side of the key tag and attached it to our luggage. Now it’s a little reminder of home while traveling.

Peace Blanket
Tamara (Carol Stream, IL)
Beautiful quality - Love!

I first saw this blanket in a little store in Denver. As much as I wanted to support the small business there, I was traveling and couldn't fit another thing in my suitcase so I ordered it online directly from Trek Light Gear. I had never heard of this brand before this and I'm so happy I've found it! The quality of the blanket is amazing and I absolutely love the designs. Already placed an order for another one to drape on my bed but will probably purchase a few as holiday gifts this year, as well.

Halley's Comet Blanket
Shanna (Boston, MA)
Haley's comet

This blanket is very well made and big, it was perfect for bringing to Long Island rocky beaches to sit on! Thank you I love it!!

Positive Vibrations Blanket
Angela Pergola (Goodyear, AZ)
Swiss Cross blanket

I took it camping. It was very warm and kept me dry as it rained overnight. I love the design too !

Lazy Daisy Blanket
Julie Turner (Florence, KY)
Simply the best!

I loved my peace blanket so much that I decided to get the Lazy Daisy blanket for my daughter. It did not disappoint! Vibrant colors, beautiful texture and her rescue doggo gave it the comfy seal of approval!

Prayer Flags
Carolina Campervan (North Charleston, SC)
Get Outdoors Prayer Flags

Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than my prayer flags swaying in the breeze as I'm driving in my van with the windows down! I know if they're swaying then I'm on a road trip and getting ready for my next adventure! I also like that they are designed and handmade in Colorado.

Bindle Daypack
Jill Hall (Moab, UT)
Great Backpack

This backpack was perfect for our trip to the national parks in Utah. It was light and held everything we needed for hiking. I highly recommend it!

Happiest Camper Hat
Nicholette Hukill (Akron, OH)
Best hat EVER!!

I bought this hat for my trip out west and it is so perfect!! I got soooo many compliments on the trail! Love the color and it fits great!

So cool, so perfect. Everyone loved it all summer at the lake. Excellent company, first rate service.

Mystery Blanket
Cory Castoe (McLoud, OK)

I purchased the Mystery Blanket, and was very excited to receive it. Mystery blanket is an appropriate name for it, as somehow it keeps you warm, but not hot. I used this to cover up in the hellscape known as August in Oklahoma. The blanket is very comfortable, and it almost seemed as if it was slowing cuddling me to sleep.

UNFORTUNATELY, this lovely, lovely blanket was stolen from me, I believe from a cat burglar. I was able to record a picture of the heinous thief through security footage. If anyone can help me recover my blanket, I will pay you in cookies.

Arizona Blanket
Erika Stevens (Tucson, AZ)
Cool SW style

Love it! Adds the Arizona Southwest look I wanted in my vintage trailer

Reba Blanket
Neen (Rochester, MN)
Love my new Reba blanket

Just like the description this has become my new favorite blanket!! Take it camping, out in the hammock and snuggling on the couch

Arizona Blanket
Ray Crough (Frederick, MD)
Arizona - My 5th Trek Light Blanket!

The Arizona Blanket is my 5th Trek Light Blanket. 2 were gifts and the remaining blankets are for yoga, watching TV and sitting on the front porch with a French Press watching the sun rise. All the blankets are durable and well made and each blanket has it's own feel and character. The Arizona blanket is a bit lighter in weight than the other blankets and absolutely perfect for the first cool morning of fall or those great, colorful fall sunsets. It is practical and it is beautiful. I add that the Arizona Blanket also goes well with an end of the day glass of Spanish Wine!

Runaway Jim Blanket
Terrisa Hardy
Just so you know

I ordered two of several different colored blankets. They are all beautiful but, the red ones are slightly different from one another. Not real happy about it as they are displayed on a blanket ladder and it is obvious they don’t match.

Hi Terrissa, thank you for noting this! These aren't machine-made clones - these are completely individual, one-of-a-kind works of art. Each blanket is a unique creation - details like the fringe thread colors, stripes, and even the hue of the main blanket color may be different than what's pictured. Imperfections and variances are part of what makes handwoven art special! We hope you still love your blankets.

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