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Just what he wanted

Bought this sticker for hubby, he is an avid hammocker and he is collecting stickers on his car so it was a perfect gift. We love our trek light hammocks. We entered the tattoo contest. And proudly show our support. It c ame quickly. Thanks.

What a great blanket!

This blanket just screams quality! It's that old school craftsmanship you saw in blankets you remember as a kid. Super happy that this will be around for a long long time...

Gregg! You rock! Wishing you years of happiness with your new favorite blanket! :)
Camping necessity

Now that we’ve got it, couldn’t be without it. Well made, heavyweight and beautiful.

We'd have to agree that it's a camp necessity. :) Glad to hear you're loving the blanket!


Thanks, Terry!!


Thanks, Terry! :)
Really works

My family insisted that the big net wasn’t going to be enough to keep the mosquitoes at bay. I decided to give it a shot though and boy were they wrong! I had the best, no bug bites nap outside that I’ve ever had.

Thanks, Alexandrea! Wishing you many more bug free naps in the sunshine!

AWESOME it's the best I have ever owned.

Thanks, Terry! Happy hammocking!

Way better than I thought they would be..Glad I ordered 3!!!

Enjoy your new totes!
Worth every penny

I slung my Versatrek between two doors in my apt as soon as I opened the package. I'm a little top heavy and 263lbs 6'2", so the Versatrek didn't work so well as a chair (I topple out of the back side). But let me tell you, when I laid in it there wasn't a single cry, creak, or groan form it at all. The fit and finish proves that the Versatrek is built as a hammock that can also stow your gear when on the trail. I love my Versatrek, Thank you Trek Light Gear!

Thanks, George! Glad to hear you've been enjoying the VersaTrek!

Love how big the blanket is. The colors are super bright. Can't wait to bring this on camping trips.

Thanks, Natalie! :) Happy camping!
Wonderful Intro

A wonderful introduction in to the world of hammock camping. Even an experienced camper may learn a thing or two from this book.

Thanks Daniel! Glad you enjoyed the book!
My Favorite Candle

This is my 3rd candle from Trek Light - can't get enough of this scent :) especially with fall around the corner!

Thanks for the support, Kristen! :)
Es perfecta!

In summary: just perfect

You rock, Andres! Hammock on!

I researched full time hammock sleeping for those who have trouble with mattresses and got the Trek Light double because of the great reviews and reasonable price. I hung the hammock between two trees to check the height and width needed for use indoors. Now I can look for or build a wooden stand that fits this hammock and my 11 x 11 foot bedroom. (I cannot anchor it to these walls and need to avoid metal bed frames.) In this hammock lying diagonally, I am able to lie almost flat on my back with my upper torso/head slightly elevated and can easily shift my legs and arms to several positions most comfortable for me. I use no pillow or a flat one. I am 5 feet 8.5 inches tall with a thin frame. With a mattress I experience many pressure points, resulting in unrestful sleep. Also, I dislike heavy blankets so a hammock will create warm air space above me with blankets draped over and I can use a pad or quilt underneath in winter. It is August and I could feel the air circulating along my back as I tested this hammock, so it is quite breathable in summer weather. The fabric is very smooth and soft. I lounged in the hammock for about 45 minutes and felt quite relaxed with no pressure points! The gentle swaying is soothing. I had no trouble getting in and out of my hammock positioned 18 inches from the ground in the center. I'm looking forward to making these welcome changes for a restful sleep!

Thank you, Liz! Wishing you many more cozy nights sleeping in your hammock!
Bindle Daypack
Little Life Saver

I keep the Bindle pack in my carryon bag when I fly. Then anytime the airline desk agent says we all have to check our carryon bags I am able to pull out my essentials (laptop, magazine, headphones, meds, etc) and keep them with me on the plane in this little guy. The pack has been all over the USA and all over the world with me from Papua New Guinea to India, to Peru, to all over Africa! It even went with me when I was a first responder in Puerto Rico. It's about 5 years old now lot's of travel regularly for my job and it still in good shape. Zipper, straps, and seams all holding up really well. This was a very good buy.

Thank you, Grant! Such a smart way to use the Bindle. Glad it's spent so many years traveling with you. :)
Awesome company!

Amazing product! Love to use it

Thank you, Lacie! We think you're awesome too!
Love it

Brilliant blanket. love it

Thanks, Gavin! :)
My favorite blanket

This blanket it amazing. The super big size makes it great for sharing. the material is just as perfect for the couch as it is for the beach. The color are also amazing.

Calway! Glad to hear your blanket is joining you on adventures and at home. Happy trails!

Great service! Got a nice hand written note in my package and when I emailed a questions I got a nice personal response, not a robot. I like how the hammock is so compact and can fit in my backpack! Great choice!

Thanks, Amina! Happy hammocking and thanks for taking the time to write us!
Getting in the swing

I've had a couple of your hammocks for a few years and I love them. So i got a few more for friends. They are Hammocktastic.

Hammocktastic?! LOVE IT. You rule.

I bought another brand of hammock that has worked well for a few years but I wanted an upgrade. Trek Light Gear did not disappoint! I bought two double hammocks because every time I climb in mine the kids maul me until I get out so they can have it. This way everyone is happy and...RELAXED! There is just something so simple and satisfying about laying in a hammock, it's like all your other cares just wash away. TLG hammocks are very well made and have withstood the test of three kids climbing all over them and putting a lot of stress on the ends. I'd buy another one in a heart beat and most likely will sooner rather than later. (wife still needs one) TLG is a cool company and every communication with them has been very positive. I'll support someone like that any day. Buy one of these, set it up and lay in it everyday for a stress relief after work, you won't be disappointed.

Thanks so much, Ben! This thoughtful note made our day. Thanks for hanging with Trek Light Gear! We're always here if you need anything or a joke to make you smile.
Can I give 10 stars?!?

Well... The hammocks I bought were completely everything and more than I expected. Truly life is better in a hammock.

Thanks, Jason! We appreciate YOU!
Hammock t-shirts

Both shirts were great! Very much appreciated the handwritten note and the cute stickers along with it

Thanks, Kara! This means so much to us! :)
Buy hammock as gift, make someone smile, repeat!

I've been enjoying Trek Light Hammocks for nearly 10 years now. While on a trip, a friend of mine loved my original hammock so much that I gave it to him. Bought myself another one, and gave that one away too! I'm noticing a trend here...Bought another one and have actually KEPT it for nearly 5 years now. My wife and I have given a few out as birthday presents or gifts during the holidays. Everyone who receives one loves it, and once in a while we get pictures of them enjoying their hammock in its natural elements! The best part of it all is that TLG plants TWO trees when you buy a hammock, they are owned by a loving and caring pair of owners, the customer service CAN'T BE BEAT, and the hammock is pure quality! There are A LOT of knock offs out there, but you'll be hard pressed to find one equaling not just the quality of the product, but the quality of TLG AND their commitment. Do yourself a favor, get one. Heck, get TWO!

Ready, Set, Go!!

The keys attached to this key chain go to my fun things-my Jeep, and my camper...When its time to escape all the hubbub of everyday life, I grab my big green, easy to read key-chain, and we're On The Road Again ! Its the PERFECT add on to our lifestyle. When I'm using that key chain, I know that tons of fun are right around the bend in the woods or on the road, and that vacation mode can begin!

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