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Spooky Bonfire Stories

The best campfire stories are usually ones that have a personal touch. Maybe you had a creepy neighbor when growing up. Maybe your teacher had a side-hustle as a witch.

But if personal stories aren’t in the cards, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite scary stories to bring a little fun and fright to the fireside.

The Vanishing Hitchhiker Legend in North Carolina

This bridge outside of Greensboro, North Carolina is said to be haunted by a phantom hitchhiker named Lydia.

The Bell Witch in Adams, Tennessee

Former president Andrew Jackson was quoted as saying "I had rather face the entire British Army than to spend another night with the Bell Witch" after he and some of his troops spent a night at the Bell's farm.

The Surrency Georgia Haunting

It was at first an idyllic life for the Surrency family for a time, until a strange series of events would unfold that would go on to become one of the most widely witnessed, well-documented hauntings, and most intense the world has ever seen.

The Headless Pirate of Deer Island

According to the legend, a pirate captain once steered his ship into Biloxi Bay to bury a large treasure. He and his men buried their gold on Deer Island, chopping off the head of one of their own men and leaving his body behind to guard their ill-gotten gains.

The Flying Canoe

La Chasse-galerie also known as "The Bewitched Canoe" or "The Flying Canoe" is a popular French-Canadian tale of voyageurs who make a deal with the devil.

Bonus: Podcast Chills

If the stories above don’t pique your interest, try listening to a podcast for inspiration.

Lore has an excellent selection of spook-tastic stories that’ll send a shiver up anyone’s spine. 


Creepy Campfire Stories


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