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Let’s Get Sticky: Decorating with Stickers 101

When you think décor, how often do stickers come to mind?

Likely not as often as blankets do, but that’s OK.

We’re here to show you the light and give you some new visual ideas for how to spice up your life with stickers.




Stick to a Plan

Where do you put your thoughts and feelings? If the answer is a journal, planner, or notebook, you can turn those bad boys into a vehicle for sticker self-expression.

Stick them on the outside, layer them on the inside – use them in any way you see fit to bring pages to life and get them to pop.

Want to encourage yourself to squeeze some more outdoors time into your daily life? Place your Outsider Sticker on the cover of your planner and it’ll be sure to do the trick.   


Decorate your planner with an Outsider Sticker  


Hydrate & Stick

Reusable water bottles and coffee mugs – two great life essentials. And! Two excellent outlets for sticker-time.

Using stickers, you can turn a scratched bottle into a work of art.

If you and a co-worker have the same exact coffee mug, make yours more distinct with a sticker that reflects who you are. No more confusion at the coffee machine.

Recommendation: Our Home Sweet Hammock Sticker looks great on your water bottle or coffee mug.


Traveling Stickers

Remember the “My kid is an honor student” stickers your parents proudly displayed on the car?

Even if embarrassing as a kid (though great job on that GPA!), your car’s bumper is a great piece of sticker real estate you can utilize as an adult.

Want to remind other drivers to be kind behind the wheel? Stick our Human Kind Sticker in your back window.


Human Kind Car Bumper Sticker


Bulletin Reminders

Got a bulletin board hanging above your desk? Got one in the kitchen too? You can turn cork boards into collages of inspiration by using stickers to give them depth and variety. 

Whether placed on the board itself or on a piece of paper and then tacked in, stickers can serve as a daily reminder to get out there, do good, and be happy.

Our pick: The Hammock Time sticker is an awesome reminder to all.


Keep It Cool

Oversized coolers like Yeti's are all the rage these days for camping, beach days, and more. Why have a cooler that looks like everyone else's when you've got an awesome canvas for stickers?

Our This Must Be The Place Stickers look great on a cooler and each one represents a different vibe - the mountains, the ocean, or the desert.  Show off your personal style with your favorite or, if you're like us, add all three!


Laptop Layers

Covering a laptop in stickers isn’t just for college students.

Stickers (both on the outside of the laptop and laptop case) help distinguish and set yours apart from all the other computers out there.

The Be Excellent To Each Other Sticker on our laptops always makes a great conversation starter at the coffee shop.


Laptop Stickers - Be Excellent To Each Other


BONUS: Spread The Sticker Love

Many of Trek Light Gear's inspirational stickers share a message that have the capacity to make someone's day or spread good vibes. So, don't just limit your decorating to the house...take it out into the world and share your stickers with others!

Just remember to 'follow the rules' and adhere by some good sticker etiquette - don't deface public or private property with your sticker and definitely don't litter by putting stickers out in our wild spaces where they don't belong.  Many bars and restaurants encourage you to add stickers to their walls - you'll usually know it when you see it, but it's always smart to ask!

Carry a few stickers with you at all times, and you can really make someone's day by gifting them a sticker you know they'll love - a simple act of kindness that goes a long way. 

Stickers can change the world, get out there and spread the love!


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