The Perfect Travel Towel

100% Recycled Materials ♻️

  • Thoughtful Design

    Packs easily into the included travel pouch. Every towel has an attached hanging loop for easy drying.

  • Super Absorbent

    What good is a travel towel that doesn't dry you off? The Wander Towel holds 4X its weight in water! It's like a soft, luxurious chamois that soaks up everything in its path.

  • Lightning Quick Dry

    The Wander Towel is designed to dry ultra fast, which means it keeps mold & mildew at bay and stays fresh longer between washes.

  • Not Today, Sand.

    Designed to repel and shake off sand & debris like magic. The Wander Towel allows you to go to the beach, and leave the sand where it belongs.

  • Sustainable Comfort

    Every towel is made with 100% Recycled Materials.

    10 plastic water bottles are repurposed & recycled into every towel, and we plant a tree for every towel sold!

  • Like An Old Friend

    From soft to softer with every use and wash - the more you love it, the more it loves you back.

  • Beautiful (Like You)

    Every towel features reversible double-sided designs. Each side is unique, flip it over and bam - you just got a new towel!

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