Fall might feel like a soundtrack unto itself – there’s the leaves crunching under your feet, the rain sprinkling onto your windowsill, and the wind rustling your bedroom curtains.

But, if you’re in the mood to dance to, listen to, or feel soothed by something a bit more musical, we’ve got you.

Our Hammock Radio playlist series is back with a fresh playlist for these magical Fall days. Stream it below or find it directly on Spotify: Hammock Radio 6: Dance Into Fall



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Maggie Dodson
Maggie Dodson

Maggie Dodson is a creative writer living in New York City. An avid hiker and film buff, she spends most of her days sneaking wine into movie theaters and climbing mountains in the Hudson Valley with her husband and rescue dogs, Billie Holiday and Walnut. For book + wine pairings and her merry misadventures, follow Maggie on IG at @maggiesdodson.

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