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5 Ways to Decorate with Blankets

Take a deep dive into any interior designer’s Instagram and you’ll see something we’re super passionate about: blankets.

On the walls, on the couches, on the beds. Blankets are a great home decor statement piece, no matter where you put them.

Here are five ways to add some blanket flair to your interior spaces:

Layer over the back of a chair

Drape, fold, cascade. There are many ways to arrange a blanket over the back of a chair, across the length of a couch or at the foot of your bed.

Different styles create different vibes. Precise folds might be more your style, or a casual drape might fit better with your space.

Try out a few things and see what brings the room together.

Layer a blanket over the back of a chair

Hang it like a tapestry

Hanging blankets on the wall is a statement. Depending on a blanket’s look, they can be a truly special accent that adds to your room’s decor.

We suggest assessing the walls you have at your disposal and picking the one that gets the most light (when the light hits the blanket, it really helps it shine).

Cover up worn furniture with a blanket

Cover up worn furniture

Got a chair that needs a little rehab? Throw a blanket over it. Corner of your couch looking shabby? Drape a blanket over it.

Get creative in how you spruce up your space - blankets can help hide unsightly blemishes AND elevate your room’s style.

Using a blanket at the end of your bed

Take ‘em outside

We’re of the mind that a great blanket is one you can take outside. While we’re all about sleeping under the stars, you can use blankets in the great outdoors right on your patio.

Lay them across your outdoor furniture or place them in a basket so guests and family can use them when the nights get chilly.

Using a cozy blanket to decorate a cabin bed

Use it as a make-shift headboard

Itching for a headboard for your bed but don’t want to spend too much?

Our blankets make a great, vibrant substitute. Hang them in place of a headboard and see how it really brings the room together in a unique way.


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