Best Travel Gear: A Lightweight Portable Hammock

Best Travel Gear - The Trek Light Hammock

Must-Have Travel Gear:
The Trusty Hammock

For many of us, traveling is essential to life.

We love learning about the world, unsettling ourselves, and experiencing new cultures. If getting to another country isn’t an option, just getting out of town from time to time always keeps life interesting.

The benefit of bringing Trek Light’s lightweight travel hammock along with you on your next trip will be evident before your adventure even begins.

When your Trek Light Hammock is stuffed into its compact pouch, it makes the perfect travel pillow for your next plane, bus, or train ride. The silky smooth parachute nylon material gives your head or neck the soft, yet sturdy support it needs while you get some much-needed rest along the way.

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What’s the first thing you usually do when you get to your hotel? If you’re like us, you head straight out onto the balcony or the front patio/courtyard to take in the view and breathe in the air of your new home away from home. With a travel hammock in hand, you can take in that view in pure, portable luxury - where there's a will there's always a place to hang your Trek Light Hammock.  

Travelers come in all shapes and sizes. If you travel on a tight budget a Trek Light hammock, serves as a pillow, a bed, and a hang-out. You can set it up in the trees or at the hostel and sleep as comfortably as you do at home. You can take it to the beach and use it as a blanket or to the park to do some people watching.

If you prefer more relaxing or romantic getaways, Trek Light’s travel hammocks provide instant luxury. You can watch beautiful sunsets from a hammock built for two. You can bring the hammock along on boat rides or tours of the countryside. Finally, have time to read that book? There is no better place for it than drifting in the breeze wherever your vacation takes you.

In addition to our hammocks, Trek Light’s Bindle Daypack is an indispensable item for your next trip. It’s hard to resist doing some shopping on any adventure. Our Bindle daypack weighs only  3.5 oz, but holds up to 40 lbs if you need it!  No matter what kind of vacation you choose, you should always choose to bring Trek Light along with you.


Here's What Our Customers Say:

"A hammock and a Bindle pack. They should be right up there with your toothbrush when it comes to items that you pack for every trip. Trek Light's awesome products are a must-have for every traveler!"

- John B.

“Trek Light’s travel products are absolutely crucial for me on my trips. I bring the hammocks whenever I travel, whether it's a hiking adventure or just a quick work trip.

Before any international trip, I always buy a few extra of the Eco Totes and I give them out as gifts to people that I meet along the way! If I have a great tour guide, or a concierge that goes out of his way to make my stay enjoyable, or if I meet great locals that invite me over for dinner, I like to give them an Eco Tote, as a thank you - and everyone loves it! They’re so small, and they weigh almost nothing, so I can easily pack a whole bunch for my trip and always have a great way to show my appreciation.

That’s my Trek Light travel secret!“

- Cassandra C.

So, moral of the story, if you're heading out on an adventure soon - get yourself some Trek Light!


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