Eco Tote - Classic

Plastic Coke.
Plastic Rock.
Plastic Cars.

Classic is better than plastic.

The Classic Eco Tote, by Trek Light Gear. 


The Unforgettable Trek Light Eco Tote

Our Classic Eco Tote is similar in size to a standard plastic bag, yet can hold so much more - up to 50lbs!

This compact, reusable bag is perfect as an every day grocery shopper, gym tote and more.

If you're not already using reusable bags for your groceries, now is the time to start.

Reusable bags not only cut down on massive amounts of plastic waste, they also make your life easier - you can stop worrying about your bags breaking on the way to the front door and you can carry fewer bags thanks to their incredible strength.

But what good does it do you to have a reusable bag if you forget it at home? Trek Light Gear's reusable bags pack down to a tiny pocket-sized pouch and have a convenient keychain clip. Keep them on you or stash them easily in your car, backpack, etc.

Trek Light Gear's Eco Totes are unforgettable - in every way. (Yeah, we did)

Eco Tote - Compact Foldable Reusable Bag - Groceries & Shopping
Eco Tote - Compact Foldable Reusable Bag - Shopping & Groceries


  • 70D / 210T Tear Resistant High-Grade Parachute Nylon
  • Water Resistant finish
  • Holds up to 50lbs, weighs only 2oz.
  • Compresses to a pocket-sized pouch
  • Carrying pouch remains attached (never lose it!) and functions as a pocket for your phone, keys, wallet, etc.
  • Made with the same high-grade material as our hammocks = the lightest and strongest reusable bag on the market
  • Easy to clean, quick drying, anti-rot and mildew


  • Width: 18in / 46cm
  • Height: 16in / 41cm
  • Weighs: 2oz
  • Max Weight: 50lbs
  • Pouch: 2.25in x 3.25in (uncompressed)
  • Lifetime Warranty & Happiness Guarantee

When you use this bag, you change the world.

Plastic waste is killing our planet.

Made from the excess material leftover from our hammock manufacturing, the revolutionary Trek Light Eco Tote does double duty to save the world - cutting down on our own waste while providing a product that allows you to do exactly the same.

Why is it so important to carry and use a reusable shopping bag?

60,000 plastic bags are used every 5 seconds in the U.S alone, and only 1-3% of these bags are recycled. That means the rest of those bags make their way into landfills, streams, and oceans.

Even worse - every plastic bag can take as long as 1,000 years or more to decompose. Read that again, that means every single plastic bag that's ever been thrown away or discarded is likely still in existence, clogging our landscape and killing our wildlife.

Paper bags fare slightly better on the recycling front, but we still have to cut down about 14 million trees each year to make them.Most paper bags get only one single use before they break, tear or are discarded.

Go Beyond Groceries

Even if you're already in the habit of taking a reusable bag to the grocery store, do you remember to use it to bring your lunch to work? To take that bottle of wine and your latest culinary creation to your next dinner party? 

Trek Light Gear's Eco Tote Products can be used for anything you currently use a plastic bag or canvas tote for - including everything from packing your trash out on your next backpacking trip or going green next Halloween with a reusable Trick or Treat bag for the kids. Your Trek Light Eco Tote can be cleaned easily, reused over and over again, and like all of our products you can rest easy with our Lifetime Warranty and Happiness Guarantee.

Plastic waste is a crisis, the solution fits in the palm of your hands.

Customer Reviews

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Helping any way I can

Love the bag! Bought 3, and waiting for notification that his mother is available!
Eliminating 1 plastic bag at a time!!!!!


Way better than I thought they would be..Glad I ordered 3!!!

Enjoy your new totes!
Outstanding Hammock. Lightweight and breathable,

Outstanding Hammock. Lightweight and breathable, yet balanced and durable. I will be ordering additional Eco Tote hammock's from Trek Light Gear shortly.

Thanks Brett! Glad to hear you're enjoying your Eco Totes!
really great bag, holds tons

really great bag, holds tons of stuff.
easy to store and lives in it's on bag COOL

I've had many bags . . .

Over the years, I've owned several reusable bags. I found the TLG bag in Boulder, bought two, and am back to buy more. Not because they broke, but because I lost one. I also found that some of my other bags have not held up to the regular grocery stores. These bags have kept their color and have been very sturdy. I really like the straps -- I know straps don't seem like such an important thing -- but they are! The straps on some of my other bags bunch together and get uncomfortable. The straps on these bags, stay open, which is easier on your arm.

That's we love to hear - thanks for sharing Natalie!

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