Flex Repair Patches

We make all our money on gear repair patches, the hammocks are just a front.


Repair Your Hammock And A Whole Lot More

These repair patches are what we recommend for any needed repairs to your Trek Light (or similar brand) hammock.

When it comes to hammock repair, they're flexible, tough, and strong enough to make your hammock work just like new.  If you've got a hole in your hammock, whether it's a burn-hole, puncture, or tear - this is exactly what you need.

But this isn't just a hammock repair patch by any means. It's also the best repair patch on the planet for all of your outdoor gear, camping equipment, jackets, sleeping bags and more.


The Easy To Apply, Fix Anything Repair Patch


Tenacious Tape Flex patches are easy to apply to your hammock or any piece of gear that needs repair.

Just cut the patch to the size you need and round the corners to prevent the edges from peeling up.  Then apply it just like you would a piece of tape!

For best results, we recommend applying a patch to both sides of the tear when possible.


You probably won't Need it,
which is exactly why you need it

Let's face it, sometimes we don't take the best care of our gear. And even when we do, Murphy's Law will always be there to poke holes in our favorite gear.

If you've accidentally punctured or torn your hammock, tarp, backpack, or just about any product we make - this is the repair patch you need to be back in action.


Your gear is strong, your repair patches should be stronger.

We wouldn't recommend a patch that isn't as strong and durable as our gear and there's no other patch that even comes close to this amazing GEAR AID Tenacious Tape patch. The kit comes with two Repair Patches, each measuring 5" x 3" to help you repair any size tear. 

The patches can easily be cut down to whatever size you need or combined with multiple patches for more coverage.  

Hammock Camping Repair Patches Tenacious Tape Flex Patches For Tent Sleeping Bag


  • Easy Peel and Stick application
  • Amazing material resists puncture, won't pull off when stretched and won't turn gummy in the heat
  • Clear, see-thru patch blends in with any color gear
  • Repair all your gear: Works on any Nylon, Canvas, Rubber or Plastic equipment for an easy and permanent fix


  • Brand: Gear Aid Tenacious Tape
  • Length: 5"
  • Width: 3"
  • Favorite Song: 'How Can You Mend A Broken Heart' by Al Green
  • Favorite Movie: Patch Adams

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Easy to apply, so far so good

I got the patches to repair a small tear in my hammock and at this point it’s looking goood. I used just one patch cut in half and rounded the corners as recommended and smoothed out the tear and applied the patch on both sides. Haven’t tested it out yet but it sticks and stretches so I’m confident it’s going to be great. Fast service and a free sticker. Fun!!😎

It's working nicely.

I discovered two small punctures in my hammock so rather than order a new hammock, which is financially out of the question, I decided to go with the tape for patching and so far it is working nicely. I don't feel the tape at all as the material is very soft and bendy. I was also pleased at how quickly it arrived in the mail and I got a free sticker to put on my amplifier! I can see myself becoming a regular customer with this company and doing some very favorable reviews on my YouTube channel,,,(help those who help you}

Did the job

This is my first time using these patches. They are working great so far!

Thanks, Elizabeth! :)
Five stars!

Five stars! Love these patches!

I have two dogs who

I have two dogs who love to hammock and one of them accidentally caused a tear in the material, so I used the patch on both sides of the tear and we haven't had a problem since. The patch material is perfect for hammocks!

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