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Handwoven Throw Blanket. Made With 100% Recycled Materials.

Lazy Daisy Blanket

Lazy Daisy Blanket

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Made from 100% Recycled Clothing Material!

Handwoven & One-Of-A-Kind
Every blanket is handwoven on a traditional loom and uniquely one-of-a-kind

Artisan Made
Each blanket is ethically made by Mexican artisans carrying on centuries of skill & tradition

Like An Old Friend
Softer with every use - the more you love it, the more it loves you back

Midweight Design
For durability and warmth

Cozy & Big
Cuddle Buddy approved

A Blanket For Life

Home Decor. Couch Enhancer. Yoga Blanket. Beach Blanket. Picnic Blanket. Camping Blanket. Life Blanket.

From backyard hangs to romantic campfire nights under the stars, and from your cozy couch at home to the edge of the Grand Canyon - this incredible handwoven blanket from Trek Light is your new best friend.

The Everywhere Blanket

While all of our handmade throw blankets are designed to add a splash of style & comfort to your home decor, we're just here to plant the seed - don't be afraid to take your blanket with you on all your adventures.

Remember your favorite blanket as a child?

The one that you took everywhere, the one that made you feel safe, and the one that smelled like every memory you've ever had?

You're a grown-up now.

This is your new Everyday, Everywhere Blankie.


Style: Handwoven Mexican Blanket

Sizing: Throw Blanket

Approx. Length: 6.5ft / 2m

Approx. Width: 4.1ft / 1.3m

Approx. Weight: 3.3lbs / 1.5kg

Materials: 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Tri-Blend (50% Acrylic, 40% Polyester, 10% Cotton)

Super Cool: Every blanket is made from recycled clothing material saved from the landfill!

Ways To Use Your Blanket: Add a splash of style to any room in your home. Hang it on your wall as a tapestry. Snuggle up around the firepit. Cover up large stains on the couch with style. Make van life cozy. Put it over someone you love when they fall asleep on the couch and feel awesome about yourself.

Care: Wash Cold, Tumble Low (Dry Clean for best care - see Blanket Care tab)

Origin: Handmade In Mexico

Handmade Item

A Uniquely Handmade Item

These aren't machine-made clones - every Trek Light Blanket is woven by hand on a traditional handloom. The artistry of the weaver is in every piece, and that truly means that every blanket made and sold is a unique, one-of-a-kind work of art.

That means you should expect variances!

As a handmade and handwoven blanket, there may be variances in the blanket design details and, since we source our yarn from 100% recycled materials, the blanket colors may even vary slightly from what's pictured.

Imperfections and variances are exactly what makes handwoven art special (just like you)!

Imperfections (Are Beautiful)

Due to their handwoven nature, our blankets may have some stray, loose, or pop-out threads, even when they're brand new. They're not a sign that your blanket is going to fall apart - and they're all carefully inspected and tied off where necessary to make sure your blanket is made to last.

These little artifacts are meant to be appreciated and are intentionally left intact by the weavers. It's what gives handwoven blankets their character and sets them apart from machined textiles!

How It's Made

Made With 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Materials

It all begins with clothing.

Every blanket is made from excess clothing materials that otherwise would end up in the landfill - first, they're shredded into a pulp and then they're upcycled into yarn.

By repurposing high-quality materials and preventing them from ending up in the landfill, we're able to minimize our environmental impact and create less waste for our planet.

Handwoven By Mexican Artisans

Every blanket is handwoven in Mexico on a traditional wooden pedal loom by Indigenous artisans continuing a long tradition of craftsmanship and creativity.

The best things aren't made in factories. And that's why many of our artisans also continue the tradition of home weaving - allowing them to determine their own hours, wages, and workload.

Blanket Care


For the absolute best results, we recommend dry cleaning the blankets as it will always be the safest and most gentle process for them.

But, we're also big fans of this Mitch Hedberg line:

"This shirt is dry clean only. Which means... it's dirty."

We get it, it can be a deterrent if your favorite blanket is the one thing that forces you to have to make a trip to the dry cleaners. Especially when you use it every day like you should.

Which is exactly why we made sure that all of our blankets are washer-friendly! Just do it with love.

If you do wash at home - do it on a cold, delicate cycle and then either hang the blanket to air dry or tumble dry on the lowest heat and tumble setting (again, delicate is the way!).

For full details on caring for your new blanket, see our detailed care guide:

Blanket Care Guide

Give Back Impact

Feel Good. Do Good. Pass It On.

For every item sold, we work with Trees For The Future to plant a tree in your honor.

Why is that so powerful? By helping small farmers and villages around the world with the planting of fruit & vegetable trees, shade trees and more, together we're going beyond basic environmental change.

Trees For The Future uses a Forest Garden approach to reforestation - planting trees to not only provide environmental benefits, but also food, income, and community agriculture where it's needed most.

Every purchase creates a chain reaction of good and happiness in the world, and it all starts with you.

Learn More

Our Promise

Our Happiness Guarantee

We want you to be happy with what you buy from us, period. If you aren't, you've got our promise that we'll always do whatever we can to bring you happiness.

Within reason, right? Maybe you're sad because everything in our store doesn't cost $1 - well, we need to have some rules so we can survive as a small business.

What matters is that we're here for you.

We truly care about your happiness, and will always do what we can to help - maybe it's a discount on your next order, store credit for a future purchase, or just going out of our way to make sure that the next item you buy from us is exactly what you want.

30-Day Easy Returns & Exchanges

If for any reason you're not happy with anything you ordered from us, just send it back to us within 30 days by following the instructions on our returns page.

The product must be in unused or 'like-new' condition - you're welcome to try a product to make sure you like it, but we cannot accept returns that are abused, stained, washed/laundered, or damaged (unless it's the result of a manufacturer's defect).

Holiday Extension: All purchases made in November or December will be allowed an extended return window thru 1/31. We'll make it easy for the gift recipient to handle any returns or exchanges!

To view our full return policy details and initiate a return/exchange of your product, just click the button below:

Return Policy

The word 'lazy' tends to get used negatively, but if you ask us it deserves a little more respect.

We started out as a hammock company after all, and those precious hammock moments have taught us a thing or two about appreciating the slower moments in life.

Life moves fast, and sometimes we all just need to slow things down and feel the joy of being lazy when we need it most.

Reset. Rewind. Appreciate. ❤️

Lazy days, whether spent out in nature or right at home, are good for the soul - and the new Lazy Daisy Blanket is just what the doctor ordered.

Handwoven with 100% post-consumer recycled materials. One tree planted for every blanket sold.

Because of their handmade nature, the color and details may vary on each item (see the Handmade tab for details).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 115 reviews
Margot Lott (San Diego, CA)
Dream blanket

This is my second trek light blanket. I have the peace signs and the daisies. I love the style but I really love how warm and cozy they are. I’ve never had a blanket like this before. I just want to take it everywhere with me. It’s the best blanket on earth and I’m not even kidding. Cute AF too. Just the all around best

Mark Hall (Portland, OR)
Almost just what the doctor ordered!

Absolutely love this blanket. Having grown up in Southern California and spending much of my life on the beaches in Mexico, I own more than my fair share of "Mexican Blankets." The problem with the ones that you buy from the street vendors is that the are mostly "UN washable." By that I mean that they are woven with any type of yarn that is available. Wool, cotton. poly blend. I doesn't matter All of those yarns don't shrink equally! Most of them are ruined after the first wash.

Trek Light Gear has added a new level of quality control to old school artistry. New and modern design, added quality, bold new colors and patterns, and many more lifetimes of soft and cuddly love in each blanket. Sure it cost a few pesos more but you wont be disappointed. As you can see, the entire family loves it!

Now you may be wondering why the title is "Almost" what the doctor ordered. I thought that I had ordered the red blanket. My mistake! All is right with the world. I love this one as much as the red one.

Peace! Go out and do great things!

Christiane (Kirkland, WA)
Beautiful design, great colors!

This blanket looks as striking in real life as it is in photos. It looks great in our living room with our colors.

Dianna Scott
I want them all!!!

I love this blanket so much!! It was so hard to decide but the colors are perfect!! It’s great for inside or outside. I feel like someone finally made a blanket that’s outdoorsy , Beachy yet indoorsy! Lol The patterns are boho, southwest, hippie, yet can be in high ends homes everywhere. I’m a country farm girl myself. I will be purchasing more in the future. Very well made beautiful can’t say enough.
Thankyou for these beautiful items!

Sara J (McCall, ID)
First Purchase- Won’t Be the Last!

I love the Lazy Daisy teal blanket! Soft, cozy & well made! Beautiful plus functional!

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