Trek Light Warranty Request

Trek Light Gear's Warranty Request

Trek Light Warranty Request

All of our products carry a full Lifetime Warranty against any manufacturer's defects unless otherwise noted.

Please read the full details of our warranty here and all information below before submitting your request.


In the form below you have the opportunity to submit photos, please do your best to take photos that clearly show the issue so we can understand the problem. We may request additional photos if necessary and if we're unable to evaluate the issue or there's reason to think the issue isn't covered under warranty you may need to send the product into us for further evaluation. If you don't have a receipt, you'll have to send the item back to us regardless of the issue (see below).

Proof Of Purchase

We still request that you provide us with a receipt or proof of purchase in order to validate your warranty. If you are unable to provide a receipt, we will still honor the Lifetime Warranty and provide repair or replacement for your product but you will be required to send your damaged/defective item back to us.

Repair Or Replacement? 

Our first approach will always be to repair any defect if possible. If the issue can be repaired with a repair patch, we'll offer to send you the repair patches so you can repair the damage yourself (it's easy). If it saves you the trouble of sending your gear into us for repair and gets you back up and enjoying your gear quicker, we'll always try to save you money and time.

If repair is not viable and the defect is covered under warranty then you will receive a replacement item. We may not have the same color your purchased or our product design may have changed since you purchase but we will always do our best to get you a comparable replacement you're happy with.


All warranty shipments that originate from Trek Light will be shipped at our expense (unless you're requesting repair for damage that's not covered under warranty). If you need to ship your item to us, either for evaluation or for repair, you'll need to send us the item at your expense - we'll provide you with all instructions needed after reviewing your request.

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