Trek Light Gear's Warranty & Happiness Guarantee

Trek Light Gear's Lifetime Warranty

All of our products carry a full LIFETIME WARRANTY against any manufacturer's defects unless otherwise noted.

At Trek Light Gear we believe in the quality of our gear. We believe in using the highest quality materials and we believe in putting them all together with the finest craftsmanship possible. And with over a decade of watching you use our gear around the globe we feel confident that the Trek Light Gear brand continues to live up to those standards even after years of use.  

Our Lifetime Warranty covers any manufacturer's defects for the entire life of your product: any issues with stitching, material quality and craftsmanship that affects the use or enjoyment of your Trek Light Gear product. 

If you feel that your Trek Light Gear product has a manufacturing defect, submit a Warranty Request and let us know about it immediately. 

Warranty Request Form

Happiness Guaranteed

We sell products designed to bring you happiness. We give back with every purchase to spread that happiness around the globe. And when it comes to customer service, your happiness is what matters above all else. 

If you've got an issue with your gear.
If you've got a question you need answered.
If your package showed up a day late.
If something you read on our website wasn't clear enough.

Just call us. Write us. Chat us. Get in touch.

Whether it's the day you receive your order or 15 years down the road, we're here to help. 

What isn't covered? 

Our warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse, lost items or reasonable wear and tear of our products.

Most of our products have Care Instructions stitched within the pouch which must be followed to avoid voiding your warranty coverage. For example, any products that show major or excessive UV damage from being left out repeatedly in the sun (noticeable and excessive color fading, etc.) or damage from sharp or abrasive objects, fire/burns, chemicals, animal damage, etc. are not covered under warranty.

You have our promise that our goal is always to HONOR our lifetime warranty, not find ways to refuse it. Take care of your gear and we will always take care of you!

If you have a damaged product that isn't covered under our warranty (ie. your pocket knife got a little too friendly with your hammock or you set up your hammock a little too close to that awesome fire), don't give up hope - we sell Gear Repair Patches that can easily repair most small holes and tears in any of our products.

Likewise, if you have an issue that isn't covered under warranty but you would like us to evaluate it for repair anyway, get in touch and we may be able to repair your item for a nominal fee.

Retroactive Happiness

For much of Trek Light Gear's early history, we offered a 3 Year Warranty on our products. You may even find places on the Internet where it still says we have a 3 Year Warranty - fake news!  

When we decided to make the switch to a Lifetime Warranty our lawyers and accountants told us not to make it retroactive - "Give them a reason to buy from you again!" they all cackled maniacally said.  But we said, "No! Happiness First!".  

And we won.

So whether you bought your hammock from us in our first year of business or just this morning, relax - we've got your back.

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