Must Have Gear: Work And School Are Better With A Hammock!

The best hammock for college students, digital nomads & more

Must Have Gear:
The Perfect Hammock For School & Work

We’re glad you came to this page because we’ve got a secret to share with you that will make those hours spent working or studying infinitely more enjoyable and peaceful:

"Life is Better in a Hammock"

What’s that you say? Sure life is better in a hammock, but we can’t always be on an island vacation with no cares in the world, can we?

Well, of course not.

But we’re here to tell you that when you do spend your time studying for midterm exams, creating fiscal reports or even checking your e-mail, you can do all that from the comfort of a Trek Light Hammock.

Our hammocks are ultralight and ultra portable meaning you can take them anywhere and set-up wherever you want. With a Trek Light Hammock, the world is your office, and Trek Light hammocks are great for college students and professionals alike.

Hammocks For Students

There’s no better way to kill time in between classes than to head to the quad, throw up your hammock, and do the reading for your next class. We’re not talking about doing your work lying down either. Thanks to its solid, parachute nylon design, you can easily, and comfortably, sit up in a Trek Light portable hammock to do your work! Go ahead and connect to the campus wi-fi and hammer out that next assignment. Lean back, relax and finish reading those chapters you didn’t get to the night before.

For weekends and days with no class, hammocks are perfect for relieving stress and relaxing. Whether you have a beautiful yard with trees or you decide to get hammock creative and hang it from your car to your deck – there is no better way to take a power nap or relax after an exam than hanging out in a hammock. If you’re on a spring break trip or road-tripping over your summer vacation, bring your favorite Trek Light camping hammock with you for instant relaxation. If you find that gorgeous beach, or a breathtaking National Park, stop and enjoy it while lying in a hammock!

If you think hammocks are too expensive for your student budget, think again and ask about our hammock student discount. You can’t find a more comfortable, durable or practical hammock on the market.

Hammocks For The Hard Worker & Digital Nomad

Once you've moved past the classroom, a hammock can be an incredibly important part of your work/life balance and mental health in the workplace. If you’re a professional who puts in long hours at the office, or in a cubicle, break up the monotony by keeping a Trek Light portable hammock in your desk.

Use it on your lunch hour or whenever you need a break. Many people have a park or courtyard within walking distance from their office; you’ll never look at it the same way once you realize that you can easily set up your Trek Light portable hammock anytime you want. The afternoon hours will go by much faster, and you’ll feel better at the end of the day having taken a break and re-centered yourself for the rest of the afternoon.

A lightweight, portable hammock is an easy, comfortable, and great way to boost your productivity because you can choose the most serene surroundings for your work. All you have to do is pack a Trek Light hammock in your purse or briefcase and head outside. You don’t have to look out the window and wish you had a way to enjoy that beautiful day instead of watching it go by.

Do you already work remotely? Own your own business?

Then you definitely have the freedom to roam! Go outside with your laptop, some industry news that you need to catch up on, or that latest financial report that you need to read. You’ll enjoy the peace and the inspiration of your new surroundings and that full day of work will feel like a breeze – pun intended!

Mobile technology is undeniably changing everything we know about the workplace. If you already have the freedom to work wherever you want then why sit behind a desk all day?


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