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Better With A Hammock:
Sailing And Boating

Whether you like day-sailing, cruising in a motorboat, or you want to take a six-month tour of the South Pacific, bringing a Trek Light Hammock adds instant luxury to your journey. Hammocks are a great way to relax in the sunshine as the ocean gently rocks you to sleep.

We understand storage and space can be tight on any boat, but this is a non-issue when you're using a Trek Light hammock. Our biggest and best-selling Double Hammock weighs only 20 oz.

Every model of Trek Light hammock, from the smallest to the biggest, packs down smaller than the size of a single grapefruit!

With our different size and weight options, any boat can have a hammock. They can be set up on railings, between masts, or in the hull. Check out our blog for some great photos of our hammocks on boats.

How many times have you wanted to fall asleep watching the stars on deck, but didn’t want to sleep on the hard deck and sacrifice a night of sleep?

With a Trek Light hammock, no sacrifice is needed. You can sleep outside, breathe in the ocean air, gaze at the stars, and still have energy for the next day. Sailors slept in hammocks in hammocks for centuries because they knew that hammocks and boats are a match made in heaven.

Now you can drift through the water and drift through the air. (Learn more about sleeping in a hammock overnight!)

Bringing along children on the trip?

Our hammocks are the best way to keep children entertained, safe and comfortable for the duration of the trip. Sailing is as much about the destination as it is about the sailing journey itself. Trek Light Hammocks are ideal for day trips so that next time you find that perfect island spot to explore the hidden oasis, you’ll be able to enjoy it suspended between two trees.

Worried about sea sickness?

The truth is that hammocks have been used for centuries as a way to prevent sea sickness

The reason is that when you’re standing, sitting or even lying down in a boat, you’re connected to the boat’s movements, so you’re going to go wherever the boat goes. When you’re in a hammock, gravity will naturally pull you straight down and because you’re in the air, you’re not at the mercy of the boat’s movements. In your hammock, you may appear to be rocking, but it’s actually the boat that’s rocking while you are remaining relatively still.

Your body’s equilibrium will know the difference, and you will be able to close your eyes and relax and forget about the rough seas. There’s a reason boats and hammocks go so well together!

Worried about mildew?

Trek Light hammocks are made of quick-drying parachute nylon. When wet, our hammocks take minutes to dry leaving you with a silky, soft seat for the rest of the trip. Unlike every other rope, canvas or cloth hammock on the market, our hammocks won’t ever rot or mildew meaning they are a long lasting sailing partner. 

Here's What Our Customers Say:

“We have had this hammock now for two summers on our sailboat; it's awesome. Easy to set up and feels super safe. My 2 and 4 yr old climb in and out safely. Zero issues!”
- Melissa S.

“[The] hammock is awesome! We hung it on the deck of our sailboat, and it has quite literally made every sailing trip 100 times better. I'll never set sail without a hammock again!”
- Jason L.

“Unbelievably lightweight. It’s been great for use on the sailboat and definitely lets the breeze in so you stay cool. We're going to need a bigger boat...for more hammocks!”
- Kimberly C.


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