Must Have Gear: Hunting and Fishing With A Hammock

Hunting and Fishing Hammock

Better With A Hammock:
Hunting and Fishing

Hunting and fishing require patience.

Sometimes you sit there for hours without a bite.

Sometimes the hunt just takes longer than you thought it would.

No matter how long it takes, it's the journey that you'll remember most - and a Trek Light Hammock is the perfect addition to your hunting or fishing experience.

Thanks to Trek Light's incredible No-Flip™ design, you can easily and comfortably sit upright while you set up your poles, un-tie a knotted line, reload your ammo or, if you’ve really got what it takes to be a master of comfort - throw in a line and fish right from your hammock.

All of Trek Light's hammocks are designed to be ultra-light and ultra-portable meaning they’re a perfect, practical addition to any fishing, hunting or camping trip. Even better, our lightweight portable hammocks are available in earth tones, OD green, and camouflageso you can rest and relax unnoticed by your furry or scaly friends.

Our lightest hammock model weighs a mere 14 oz (less than 1 lb) and packs down smaller than your water bottle. That means your hammock weighs less and takes up less room than any tree stand or camping chair.

And, whether you’re spending the night or just ready for an afternoon nap, you’ll be glad you left the chair behind and brought the new standard in lightweight luxury.

Having a hammock along also means that the search for a flat piece of ground is over. The trees and rocks that once prevented you from finding a good place to set up your chair now provide the perfect place to set up your hammock. 

If you're planning on spending the night, it's time to leave the tent behind and explore the world of hammock camping with our incredible line of camping hammocks and hammock camping gear.

Did we mention that all Trek Light hammocks come with a Lifetime Warranty & Happiness Guarantee?

It’s time you found out why fishers and hunters all over the world now consider a Trek Light portable camping hammock to be one of the most prized pieces of gear they own.

“I'm a professional hunting guide and used this hammock while hunting elk in the Gila National Forest. It worked great and weighs about as much as a bottle of water.” - Joseph Pauli


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