Hammock 101: Higher Hammock Education

Doctor. Lawyer. Astronaut. Hammock Expert.

On the list of things we all thought we'd be when we grew up, Hammock Expert definitely wasn't on the short list.

But then, you start a hammock company. And about 15 years later, you realize that all the hours you've spent thinking about hammocks, reading about hammocks, talking about hammocks, and of course sleeping in hammocks, has led you to become something you never expected as a kid - Dr. Hammock?

Hammocks are easy, but like most things, the more you learn the more you realize you didn't know in the first place.

You're here because you've got questions. And we've had over a decade to get the answers you need.

So, now it's our chance to share what we've learned with you - from the nuances of different hammock designs, to the exact specifics of finding the best height and distance to hang from.  You'll learn how to lie perfectly flat in a curved hammock and you may even find some relief for things like insomnia and other sleeping pains.

Enjoy your studies and don't forget to keep those questions coming.


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If you want to dive in even deeper, give The Ultimate Hang a read!

Additional Resources

In addition to the articles and resources you'll find on our blog, there are a lot of great forums and communities online which are a wealth of information about hammock camping and hammocks in general. 

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