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Curing Insomnia With A Hammock

A little over two years ago now I wrote a blog series on Sleeping In A Hammock.  It took me longer to finish than anything else I’ve written here and it fortunately was well worth the effort – it quickly became the most popular post on the blog and two years later it still continues to attract comments and emails on a regular basis.  Numbers aside, it’s what people have had to say that has blown me away the most. Last week we received the following email from a brand new customer and I had to share it:

Hi, My name is Ryan. I just received my double hammock from you a few weeks ago. I have struggled with severe insomnia for a few years now, and I would like to sincerely thank you. I have tried everything I could think of to get to sleep. Some medications have worked for a few days, but I always end up falling back into the same, terrible, sleeping patterns. That was until I got my hammock. Now, I fall asleep easier and wake with more energy. I never thought I'd say this, but sleeping in your hammock has changed my entire life. I can't wait to get home from work and climb into my new bed. Thank you so much. Ryan

When I first started Trek Light Gear I knew that hammocks had the power to change people’s lives. But I saw it as more of a lifestyle change – the simple act of reducing stress, sleeping better, and feeling happier can have a powerful effect on your mind and body. I honestly never anticipated the true health benefits that a hammock could bring but the more I learned about hammocks and talked to customers the more it became apparent that the emotional and mental benefit of a hammock was really just the tip of the iceberg.


Since writing the Sleeping In A Hammock Guide, I’ve seen so many letters, emails and comments like Ryan’s. We don’t sell our hammocks as medical products in any way, but it means an incredible amount to me to know that for so many our hammocks are much more than a piece of gear in your pack.

As luck would have it, in between the time I wrote this post and when I was actually able to publish it we just received another email from a customer who loves sleeping in her hammock full time. 

Check out what Debbie had to say:

"I've been sleeping in a Trek Light hammock for a few years. I hung it in my daughter's room after she moved out.  It provides the best sleep EVER.  Everything you say about this product is absolutely true. I do sleep in a conventional bed at times only to regret it due to tossing/turning and waking up stiff. Thanks and keep up your good work. - Debbie"

If a Trek Light Gear hammock has helped you with insomnia or any other sleep or health issues, I’d love to hear your story.  Thanks to Ryan, Debbie and everyone else who has called in or written to say thank you – hearing stories like that is exactly what keeps the wheels turning over here.

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