Go Anywhere Rope Kit

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

Me? I've been everywhere, man
Crossed the deserts bare, man
I've breathed the mountain air, man
Travel, I've had my share, man
I've been everywhere. Man.


The Go Anywhere Rope Kit

Trek Light Gear's specially designed static nylon cord is lightweight and already cut, knotted and ready for you to setup your hammock right out of the pouch.

Weighing in at only 7oz the Go Anywhere Rope allows you to easily setup, adjust and tension your hammock anyway you like - this item is an absolute must for your Trek Light Hammock!



The Trek Light Gear Go Anywhere Rope Kit is the easy and fast way to hang your hammock.

When it comes to getting the right hang adjustability is everything - don't be fooled by other hammock hanging systems that have fixed loops which can force you to have to choose between hanging your hammock too tight or too loose with no middle ground.  

With Trek Light's Go Anywhere Ropes, you can add a hanging point to hook your hammock at any spot along your rope and have the freedom to setup your hammock between points up to 20ft apart!

Pre-knotted and ready to hang, your Go Anywhere Ropes are designed to hold the maximum hammock weight of 400lbs and come with their own tiny carrying pouch just like our hammocks.

Hammock Hanging Rope Kit Instructions - Go Anywhere Trek Light Gear

Easy Hanging Instructions

Easy hanging instructions are conveniently printed right on your carrying pouch so you always have them with you. But the honest truth is that it's so simple that once you've done it once you'll likely never need the instructions again.

Since you're here, go ahead and check out our detailed instruction page for using your Go Anywhere Rope Kit.

It's really that easy.

Go Anywhere Rope Setup Guide



Trek Light Gear's ultralight carabiners are a great upgrade to your hammock hanging setup.

They're designed to replace the s-hooks that come standard on your Trek Light Gear hammock and are both lighter and stronger to give your hammock a pro upgrade.

Even better, the carabiners are a true multi-use item to have with you on any camping adventure. Please see the carabiner product page for important info - they are NOT intended for use in any climbing scenario.



  • Holds up to 400lbs, weighs only 7oz.
  • Contains 2 static nylon cords which are pre-knotted and assembled for you so you can setup your hammock within seconds
  • No complicated knot tying required!
  • Carrying pouch has easy hanging instructions printed right on it
  •  Each cord is ~7 feet long


  • Length: ~7ft / 2.14m (each rope - 2 included)
  • Weighs: 7oz
  • Max Weight: 400lbs
  • Lifetime Warranty & Happiness Guarantee

Safety Meeting!

For you

Always test your hanging points for stability and never set up your hammock at a height where a fall or malfunction could cause injury to you, or in any way that could injure the people around you.

Equipment, even brand new equipment, can fail. Trees or structures that appear sturdy are not always what they seem. Be smart and always think about your safety first. 

We realize that our customer base consists of responsible and knowledgeable outdoor lovers capable of maintaining a safe environment even in situations that appear dangerous to the outside eye. If you choose to disregard our safety recommendations and hang your hammock from anything above a safe height (3′ or higher), you should always have a safety backup plan in case of failure – a harness, safety ropes, etc. that would protect you from any injury.

For the trees

When used properly and on trees with healthy, strong bark, your hammock rope should not cause any damage to the tree. However, not all trees are created equal and some trees have a soft bark layer which can be damaged if you're not careful when you hang your hammock.

Killing a tree so you can enjoy a nap isn't a fair trade in our book. If you have any reason to think the tree you're hanging from could be damaged from your hammock use you should always add a layer of padding underneath your hammock ropes or hang elsewhere. Items like a towel or piece of clothing can be used to pad and protect trees while you're on the trail. 

We always recommend getting out of your hammock and checking things out after a few minutes of use to make sure you're not causing any damage to the tree. It's up to you to be smart about your impact - leave no trace!!

Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
I Thought Why Knot Buy A Bunch, so I Did!

Bought two double hammocks during the buy-one-get-one sale and ordered two sets of Go Anywhere Rope kits for each. These make setting the hammock up a breeze, but I'm an old lazy guy, so one set for home use, as it doesn't need to be changed often. The second set is for bikepaking where every stop at the end of the day requires rehanging your hammock and relocating knots to gawd knows what, which is where these kits shine! At 7 oz., even with a 20 oz double hammock the weight is under 1 3/4 lbs.


So simple and holds up our hammocks perfectly. Absolutely love this product!

Rope kit

The rope is more flexible,strong than the hammock has.


Well...does what it's supposed to do!

go anywhere ropes are terrific!

The ropes are pre-knotted, incredibly strong, and fit into a tiny bag. You loop them around a Tree, sturdy post, or whatever is strong enough to hold you, slip the hooks on the hammock into the appropriate knot to keep you off the ground, and you're done. They work and don't slip!
if you get a TREK LIGHT hammock, definitely use the Go-Anywhere Ropes with it and rest easy, like the "king-of-someplace-where-they-relax-in-hammocks"!

Hey Don! Thanks for the kind note. Keep hammocking on HAMMOCK KING!

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