The Perfect Bath Towel


We call them Bath Towels, but it's so much more. Super absorbent and sublimely comfortable, these towels will change your idea of what your everyday bath towel can be.

  • Thoughtful Design

    Attached hanging loop allows you to hang it easily to dry or store - no more unexpected floor towels!

  • Highly Absorbent

    What good is a towel that doesn't dry you off? The looped terry design (on both sides) always picks up what you're putting down.

  • Super Soft Feel

    We went all out with 550 GSM Cotton. What does that mean? It means it's likely the softest & coziest towel you've experienced - without the bulk.

  • Sustainable Comfort

    Made with 100% Sustainably Sourced Cotton. Plus, we'll plant a tree in your honor for every towel sold.

  • Like An Old Friend

    From soft to softer with every use and wash - the more you love it, the more it loves you back.

  • Beautiful (Like You)

    Bathroom style matters. Every towel features reversible double-sided designs that make your bathroom shine and look great no matter how they're hung or stored.

  • Oeko-Tex Certified Safety

    Free from harmful chemicals and allergens, ensuring a safe, hypoallergenic experience. Ideal for sensitive skin, these towels give you peace of mind with every use.

  • Home, Wherever You Roam

    Bulky towels aren't better towels. The 550 GSM Cotton design keeps the towel light and easy to travel with. you might just bring this everywhere you go.

  • 100% Happiness Guarantee

    We want you to be happy with what you buy from us, period. If you aren't, you've got our promise that we'll always do whatever we can to bring you happiness.