Trek Light Adventures: Joe and Andy (Pt. 2)

(Another great email from Joe and Andy, this time from Belize. Enjoy...)

I believe in Belize, Because I believe, I can find some trees, That my hammock, Will fit in between.

The first pic gets a little artsy as we are always trying to push the boundaries of how our pictures turn out. Under the shade of this palm tree is the perfect spot to relax. This pic comes form Hopkins Village in Belize.


The second pic, believe it or not, is a the base of an unexcavated Maya ruin. It is located at the Trek Stop in San Jose Succotz, Belize. Tino, the man who runs the place, is a genuine and hilarious guy with a great family. He has allowed us to do some work around the place in exchange for a free place to set up our tent. The Trek Stop is made up of small humble cabanas, camp sites and a humid forest environment five minutes from the Mopan river in the Cayo district



There are trails leading one through the forest where you can see trees and plants marked with small signs explaining their historical influence (i.e. how the Maya used them to their advantage) or their medicinal qualities. We like to call this set up bunk bed hammocks as one is stacked on top off the other, both swinging freely. We work at the base of this ancient temple flattening out more campsites, making bbq pits or just raking up leaves from the nine hole, challenging, frisbee golf course.

We have found Maya pottery laying around in our daily routines which serves as a reminder that we are not the first inhabitants to stay lifted at this unique trek stop. Shot out and a special thanks to Trek Stop in San Jose Succotz, Belize, right outside of San Ignacio on the Mopan River, if you come through the Cayo district you have to check this place out. The third pic. Another from Hopkins as Joe scopes out the new spot as to make sure no coconuts fall on the savage travelers as the hammocks chill side by side.


The fourth pic comes from a weekend trip we took to Peten, Guatemala from Belize. You could say we were dipping our toe in before we take our dive into the full Spanish culture that we will experience on our way to Chile/Argentina. Here we are in San Jose a small town in the Peten Basin near Flores Guatemala. We are posted up right on Lake Peten Itza which providing crystal clear water to soak in at any time, day or night, as the temperature of the water is far from cold (nothing like Lake Tahoe).


San Jose is right next to San Andres and there are no major hotels here, we were lucky to be able to set up our tent on the roof of a friend. One local even commented that these white guys are lost, "gringos perdido, " owing to the fact that we were the only travelers that they had seen in a while. The hammock here is a good 8-10 feet of the ground secured to a structure with an amazing view of the lake. The last pic is in the same spot as our buddy, el capitan, helped us situate the hammock in this sweet spot. Nothing short of extreme here.


Much more to come. We have some videos so the first chance we get to send them we will. Staying lifted with Trek Light as we unearth foundations. Freebase, Joe and Andy

(We'll be posting more from Joe and Andy soon.  If you've taken Trek Light Gear on any adventures share your story in the comments!)

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