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Spice Up Your Life: 5 Favorite Fall Spices

Autumn is a wonderful time to get cooking in the kitchen. You’ve got hearty root veggies to experiment with, rich soups to simmer on the stove, and baked goods that take the best of the season’s flavors and make them shine. 

And the reason fall cooking is so tasty is frequently due in part to the spices.

Cinnamon! Cardamon! Ginger! Turmeric!

The bold and earthy tastes of these spices are what make dishes feel warm and comforting. 

So, if the chill in the air has driven you away from the campfire and into the kitchen, here are five of our favorite Fall spices and a few corresponding recipes to inspire you the next time you don a chef’s hat. 


Let's Get Spicy


Turmeric is a brightly-colored, yellow spice that lends a bitter, warm flavor in rich dishes like curry (it’s a main ingredient in curry powder).

Much like ginger, people love to talk about turmeric’s health benefits (better regulation of inflammation), so in addition to its good taste it’s also good for you. WIN-WIN. 

Try it in a crowd-pleasing yogurt dip or in the world’s most delicious soup.


Take a whiff of sage and it will send your mind straight to Thanksgiving.

Frequently used this time of year in dishes like stuffing or roasted turkey, it’s a woody, pine-like herb that goes well with meat, fish, and richer dishes. 

Try it in a Butternut Squash Linguine or Chicken Pot Pie



Much like its name suggests, Nutmeg is nutty and earthy.

Often used in combination with cinnamon, it comes from the seeds of a tropical Evergreen tree and has a robust flavor. Baked goods are its friend, as well as some savory dishes like soup. 

Try making Creamy French Toast or Spicy Butternut Soup.



Sweet and warm, cinnamon is often associated with desserts, but it can play a big role in savory dishes, like stews and curries.

In addition to being good for your body, it has the aroma of autumn. It smells like apple picking, foliage, and a good walk in the woods. 

Try it in a savory side dish or make something sweet for breakfast



A very warm (sometimes even spicy) spice, ginger works beautifully in a number of things, particularly when combined with garlic.

Known for its healing properties (can help with nausea and digestion), it helps bring out other flavors in big dishes. 

Spice up your salads with a ginger dressing or turn it into a cocktail. 


Get Cookin'!

What are you waiting for? Pick out a recipe, put on the Fall Playlist we created just for nights like these, and head into the kitchen to make something awesome!

What's your favorite Fall recipe? Let us know in the comments!


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