Summertime picnics are a coveted activity, but at TLG we’re here to offer a new spin on the old classic: a fall picnic.

The colors! The cooler temperatures! Fewer bugs! Our favorite shoulder season is a perfect time to get outside and savor all that autumn has to offer. 

Prepping for a picnic doesn’t take much effort. Below are a few ways we make ours come together, but feel free to riff and plan in whichever way suits you best. 

1.) Pick a picnic destination

The beauty of picnicking is that you can do it anywhere (so long as you aren’t trespassing!).

From a hearty mid-hike lunch to a quick snack during a scenic drive, picking a destination will inform your picnic possibilities (and how to pack for it). 

The best picnic blanket, built for adventure


2.) Acquire the picnic essentials

Depending on where you plan to picnic, having the right gear on hand will make bringing your food n’ snacks easier and sitting outside more comfortable. Here are some essentials:
  • A basket or cooler for food transport. Wheels or shoulder straps make it even easier
  • A couple of camp chairs, a double hammock, or one of our adventure blankets for seating
  • Cutlery, cups, and other items that make dining a cinch. Be green, and make sure you’re single-use-plastic-free!
  • A cutting board for items that need to be sliced and diced (and to hold your charcuterie spread)
  • A sweater or an extra Trek Light blanket in case the weather is a bit chilly

    Plan the perfect fall picnic anywhere

    3.) Plan your menu

    Whether you’re having a solo picnic session in your favorite city park, or enjoying the company of a dozen close friends after a long day of hiking, your picnic menu doesn’t have to be mundane or routine. 

    Pick yummy foods that won’t be hard to eat on the go, like hummus, cheese and crackers, grapes, jams and breads, pastries and cookies, prepared sandwiches, homemade cold salads and nuts.

    Add some beverages to the mix to make it special: mulled wine, sparkling or hard cider, seltzer water, or beer are a great way to elevate the moment.

    The perfect fall picnic food menu


    4.) Check the weather

    Before you head out on your picnic adventure, check the weather. A little rain never hurt anyone, but a rainy picnic might not be what you had in mind. 

    Pro-tip: for something extra plan your picnic around sunrise or sunset. Nature’s mood lighting ;).


    The perfect fall picnic needs the perfect blanket

    5.) Add an upgrade 

    Outdoor dining is already an experience, but consider adding a lil' something extra to your picnic:
    • A portable speaker for some outside tunes (a perfect chance to check out our Hammock Radio playlists!)
    • Board games or card games
    • A book or two
    • A camera to capture the moment 
    • A Trek Light hammock for your post-picnic siesta


    Maggie Dodson
    Maggie Dodson

    Maggie Dodson is a creative writer living in New York City. An avid hiker and film buff, she spends most of her days sneaking wine into movie theaters and climbing mountains in the Hudson Valley with her husband and rescue dogs, Billie Holiday and Walnut. For book + wine pairings and her merry misadventures, follow Maggie on IG at @maggiesdodson.

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