Share Your Hang Ups: The Dorm Room Loft Bed Hammock

And another blog series is born.  If you’ve got an interesting hammock setup, indoor or outdoor, send us your story and pictures and we’ll feature it here.  Of course, if we feature your setup we’ll make sure you get something cool (discount on future orders, TLG gifts, etc.) in return!

Our inaugural post is courtesy of new hammock owner Nick Merritt.  Nick is heading off to college in the fall and plans to setup his hammock underneath his loft bed in the dorms.  Luckily, he won’t have to wait until then to try it out - his sister has a loft bed in her room and he was recently able to test out the setup and share the project with us.

[If I Knew Then What I Know Now Moment: College, with a Trek Light hammock?? I can only imagine and it makes me incredibly envious.  I didn't start Trek Light Gear until my college days were over but my mind begins to wander when I think about how much more comfortable my dorm life would have been, how relaxing those hours on the quad would be, the road trips, the backyard parties, how much laundry it could have held before overflowing…...okay, back to our scheduled blog post... ]

Nick asked for one favor in return for this post and here it is:  Let it be known that this is his sister’s bedroom, not his!!

The bed and the soon-to-be hammock spot:

Loft Bed Hammock Setup - Before

No tools necessary, Nick just used our Go Anywhere Rope Kit with a simple rubber strip to

protect the wood frame:

Go Anywhere Rope Kit In Action

According to Nick, the desk under the bed got in the way a bit but he was able to remedy it just by laying at an angle (which we recommend anyways):

Dorm Style Loft Bed Hammock Setup - Trek Light Gear

And that’s it!

Nick will be following up with us when he moves into his dorm in the Fall and we’ll share the new setup with you then. Many thanks to Nick for helping our new blog series get off to a great start!

If you’ve got an interesting hammock setup (it doesn’t have to be project oriented), share your hang ups with us!

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