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The Outdoors Meets Your Office

It’s a common dilemma: feeling the pull of the outdoors while stuck inside a cubicle.

Now, maybe your cubicle has windows and you've got an inspiring view, but still, most of our days (nay, lives!) are spent working behind a computer, chatting on Slack, or however it is you spend your 9-5.

And even if you love your job, craving the camp life, van life, and outdoor lifestyle can take its toll. 

To help, we propose bringing a little of what you love about camping and being outside into your desk job.

From games and simple actions to products and gear, here are a few easy ways to make work a bit more “rustic.” 


Turn your morning coffee into a memory

Longing for the morning you spent on Lake Tahoe, waking up to the summer sun with coffee over an open fire?

You can relive it!

Donate that boring mug you've been using and savor the moment by sipping coffee, tea, or juice from a mug that reminds you of your last camp adventure.

Our In The Pines Mug or Happy Tumbler offers camp vibes like no other.

Who knows, maybe they’ll magically transport you right back to breakfast under an awning of birch trees. 


Wear your camp-heart on your sleeve

Literally. Casual Friday rolling around? Wear your favorite camp t-shirt, sweatshirt, hell, even your hat!

We’ve got lots of items that rep the need to sit back, relax, and appreciate your surroundings. When your coworkers see you wearing your outdoorsy vibes, you're bound to make some new connections in the office with like-minded folks.

From our Hammock Trucker Hat to our Hammock Time Shirt, you can rock your camp feels at work all year long. 


Put a (key) ring on it

Do you have a company badge with a key ring? A ring of keys to open doors? A key to your own home?

You can easily turn that key into something that lets your personality shine and reminds you of exactly where you want to be.

Whether you're the Happiest Camper or you're traveling for work and dreaming about being Homeward Bound, you can always carry a bit of the outside with you in your pocket thanks to our awesome line of retro-style key tags


Desk-side pride

Your workspace is an excellent place to show off your love of hiking, being outside, and doing absolutely anything that's the opposite of your office life.

From desk art to mini-fridge magnets, there are numerous ways to express yourself creatively...and right from the comfort of your desk.

For example, our This Must Be The Place Magnet Set or We All Shine On Pennants are easy, expressive ways to showcase what you love to your coworkers. How about an Outsider Sticker for your laptop or notebook?

The good vibes they put off will have people coming to chat you up in no time. 


Be a lunch break explorer

Even if you have to wait a few more months until your next adventure, you can turn work into a chance to discover new things and meet new people.

Instead of eating cold noodles at your desk, find a nook, a view, or a new spot to eat.

Bring along a lightweight hammock or a Trek Light blanket and even a 30-minute break in the park will remind you of all your favorite moments in nature.

Why go to the food court when you can take an “adventurous” break away from your desk?

Find fellow camp friends

Chances are you aren’t the only person in your office that loves the outdoors.

Even if people don’t talk about it upon first meeting, there are probably many of your coworkers who love to switch out of their work persona and head out on outdoor adventures.

With that in mind, set up a happy hour at a local bar and get to know some of the people you work with. Share your passions and invite them to open up about theirs.

We bet you’ll uncover some shared interests, and likely even your next adventure pal.


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