Hammock Radio Volume 4: Funky Jazz & Jazzy Funk - Trek Light Gear

Hammock Radio Volume 4: Funky Jazz & Jazzy Funk

Hammock Radio is back with Volume 4: Funky Jazz & Jazzy Funk!

This playlist covers one of my favorite genres of music - a genre that takes any box you try to put it in and and bounces off those walls until there is no box and the only thing you know is the infectious rhythm of your head nodding to the beat.

Is it Acid Jazz, Funky Jazz, Jazzy Funk, or something else entirely? It just is.

This is the domain of key masters like Jimmy Smith, Dr. Lonnie Smith, Herbie Hancock and Jimmy McGriff.  It's the stomping grounds of greats like Grant Green, Boogaloo Joe Jones and Melvin Sparks - guitarists whose fingers don't just play the notes, they pop from one note to the next without constraint.  

If music is a stew, this is the genre that stirs and stirs until a giant whirlpool forms - and in the end all that's left is that mighty groove. Have fun.

 Hammock Radio Volume 4: Funky Jazz & Jazzy Funk

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