Gift Guide 2019: Moms and Dads - Trek Light Gear

Gift Guide 2019: Moms and Dads

Finding a good gift for those who raised you can be a challenge.

Maybe you've got the “I don’t need anything but your love and affection!” parents. They buy what they want for themselves, when they want it, and don’t leave room for many surprises. 

Maybe you've got the "Just get me a gift card so I can pick out what I want" parents. That's easy enough, but it always feels better when you give them something to unwrap, right?

To help with all your gift idea dilemmas this year, we’re here with some gift guide inspiration for unique items they won’t expect - and will cherish for years to come. 


GIFT GUIDE: Parents Edition 


Taos Blanket - Gift for Mom & Dad

Taos Blanket

Inspired by a little Waylon Jennings around the campfire, this Taos Blanket is the perfect companion to a sky full of stars or a cozy night on the couch.

Cue the parent cuddles, which are never not cute. 

If the Taos isn't their style, we've got lots of other blankets to choose from. 


Double Hammock - Gift For Mom & Dad

Double Hammock

A double-trouble (in a good way) Double Hammock.

The No-Flip Design means that Mom & Dad can get in and out of the hammock easily and it's extra-roomy so they'll be able to choose between snuggle-time and me-time.

A perfect gift to help your parents take a load off, relax, and kick up their feet. 


Under The Stars Candle - Gift For Mom & Dad

Under The Stars Candle

The world's best smelling candle for the world's best-looking couple.

(Yes, we wrote the gift card for you. You’re welcome.)   


Campfire Hot Dog & Marshmallow Cooking Pole

Hot Dog & Marshmallow Cooker

Campfire Cooking Pole that makes fireside cooking a marshmallow-y breeze.

Roast, rotate, and revel in the deliciousness this pole brings to camp life. This is a Dad pleaser for sure. 


Bindle Daypack - Gift For Mom & Dad

Backpack Bliss

The Bindle Daypack folds up into the tiniest little pouch, but can handle everything from the big day hikes to those quick trips to the grocery store. 

Just be prepared for your parents to be talking about how cool their "new little travel bag" is for the rest of your life. 


On The Road Again Key Tag - Gift For Mom & Dad

Key To Their Heart

The On the Road Again Key Tag will get Mom and Dad humming Willie Nelson and dreaming of future adventures (#vanlife!). The key to their road trip awaits. 

Check out the entire collection of retro key tags for ideas for Mom, Dad, and the whole family.


Be Excellent To Each Other

We all know Moms & Dads love some good fridge art.

Surprise them with a gem like our Be Excellent to Each Other Magnet or some adventure-inspiring choices from our full magnet collection. 


Here's to spreading some cheer to those who deserve it most during this sweet time of year. 


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