Get A Little Bit Closer - Earth Day 2012

I'm sitting here writing this to you on the morning of Earth Day 2012.    I'm on my back porch in Boulder, Colorado enjoying the morning sounds of Spring and noticing all the changes occurring around me - the grass is getting a little greener each day, the cherry blossoms have sprung and the clear view I get of the mountains from my yard when the trees are bare is slowly being filled in leaf by leaf.  The loss of my mountain view is a bit of a trade-off I have with Spring, but I see it as nature's way of reminding me it's time to stop looking at the mountains from my yard and time to enjoy them up close.
It's fitting then that Earth Day was planned to fall at this time of year.   It's not a single day to be celebrated and then forgotten until next year - it's reminder to all of us to stop experiencing and interacting with our incredible planet from a distance and get just a little bit closer.

As many of you know, we currently plant a tree for every hammock we sell.  It's not a special promotion or a one-day affair - it's part of our company's DNA and something we'll continue doing as long as Trek Light Gear exists.

As a special nod to Earth Day this year, I've decided to up the ante a little bit - and from now through the end of April you can celebrate Earth Day with Trek Light Gear in the following ways:

  • For every hammock purchased, we will plant TWO trees in an area that desperately needs reforestation
  • Trees will also be planted for every Bug Net and Tarp sold through the end of April!
  • Take 30% OFF our plastic bag banishing Eco Totes with coupon code EARTHDAY12

It's time for me to step away from the computer and go get a little bit closer to those mountains.  I hope you're enjoying a great weekend and celebrating Earth Day by appreciating this incredible planet we live on.  Keep it up!

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