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7 Winter Date Night Ideas

Thinking of date night ideas is hard enough. Thinking of date night ideas during the coldest and darkest months of the year? That’s like, the expert level on a video game. When the temps drop and the nights get longer, date night adventure options are hard to come by. It’s easy for our imaginations to go into hibernation mode when everything else has, too.

But don’t worry! We put our brains together and came up with a few ways to turn winter into the season of romance. For ideas that will warm your heart and boost your chances of getting a second date, scroll down.


Hot-sauce showdown

We like to keep things spicy. And we mean that literally.

One fun way to keep your date (and yourself) on your toes is to bring the heat...in the form of hot sauce.

Start by finding a common food you both like to eat with hot sauce (wings, tofu, mac and cheese). Then do a side by side comparison of hot sauces, ranging from mild to out of this world spicy.

We promise things will heat up at the end of your date-night taste-test...but if not, at least you’ll have tissues on hand.


Hit the hot tub

If the hot sauce showdown doesn’t appeal to you, maybe a date night in the hot tub will?

No matter what the temperature is outside, a relaxing soak in the hot tub is a therapeutic way to take a break from the hustle and bustle and get to know your date underneath the stars.

Just remember to keep a warm towel nearby for when you hop out. Brrr!


Movie marathon

Being outside not an option at all? Turn to your screen for a twist on a classic date night idea.

Instead of watching a new action film or hitting the cinemas, make this date into an event by picking a trilogy or a series neither one of you has seen.

Next, get a lineup of delicious snacks, stock the fridge with drinks, and throw on some cozy clothes.

Now you’re ready for hours and hours of date night movie magic.


Cook up a storm

Not all adventures happen outside: some happen on a plate!

If winter is keeping you cooped up, you can bring a bit of global inspiration inside by cooking new recipes and trying out cuisines from other countries.

Invite your date or partner into the kitchen for a cooking class. Whether you lead it or YouTube does, we promise a tasty and fun night.


Have a snowball fight

Kids shouldn’t get all the fun.

If you’re in an area where snow is aplenty, don’t be afraid to turn date night into a hands-on activity.

Good, clean fun can be a great way to get to know someone and show off your silly side.

If friendly competition is right up your alley, snowball fights may be a great way to break the ice.


Go on a winter scavenger hunt

Don’t be afraid of getting a bit cold and red-nosed.

All it takes to enjoy a date outside during the snowy months are some snowshoes, a few layers and a sense of adventure.

One idea to keep your mind off the cold and on other things is to create a winter scavenger hunt:

Find an easy-to-navigate trail and hide some treats your date and you can discover while walking: a thermos of hot cocoa, a mini telescope for stargazing, a hidden ice rink and accompanying skates, a Trek Light Gear Double Hammock for a quick moment of Zen - anything you think might add to a day in the woods would be perfect here.


Outdoor bonfire

Snow, shmo!

Warm things up this winter and keep your date night interesting by making a winter bonfire.

You’ll still need coats and hats, but nothing compares to roasting marshmallows over an open fire while it snows all around you.

Romance with a capital “R”.


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