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6 Ways To Celebrate Spring Outdoors

You’ve been waiting for this day for months. The weather app on your phone is FINALLY showing temperatures that aren’t just tolerable but optimal. It’s time to get back outside.

Hello Spring, we missed you.

To celebrate Spring's arrival, we’re listing out a few of our favorite ways to enjoy get outside and take advantage of all the new opportunities the nice weather brings to the table. First step, get outdoors!


Celebrating Spring Outdoors


Take a hike

Check trail conditions and make a plan.

No more daydreaming of the hours you COULD be on the trail. It’s time to get back out there.

Be sure to pick a hike or trail that won’t be covered in snow (or, if you do, bring the right equipment).

Before you head out, be sure to pack up a day bag, like the Bindle Daypack. Light, versatile, and perfect for any weather, this pack will help you bring what you need on your first Spring hike. 


Lunch in the sun

To keep feeling excited about Spring all season long, move some of your inside winter activities back outside to where the sun’s at.

Turn your “sad desk lunch” into a “rad Spring lunch” by having your sandwich on a bench near a park.

Take a stroll to get a coffee. Listen to a podcast and walk to work instead of taking a car.

Enjoy the season while it lasts by making an effort.


Work on your garden

Spring is the perfect time to make headway in your garden.

From planting new bulbs to seeds, this is the key time to get a lot of things you want to bloom in summer or early fall into the ground.

For advice on what’s best in your area, check out a local plant store or Home Depot and chat with a rep who knows about local climates and optimal items to plant (and when!).


Ride a bike

Stretching your legs after a long hibernation session is an awesome way to see Spring in full effect.

Riding to work or riding for fun allows you to see more of the world (hint: beautiful blooming flowers, anyone?) and gets you some physical exercise.

Warm up the saddle and get back in it.


Get playful

Having fun isn’t a Spring requirement but we think it should be.

When this season of renewal takes over, we can’t help but feel a sense of childlike wonder and excitement. So, turn that excitement into a fun time by having a “Welcome Spring” game night.

Invite friends over for dinner and drinks and play something in the yard - we highly recommend this awesome Light Up Bocce Ball game.

(Update: If you're currently practicing social distancing during the COVID-19 spread, which you definitely should be, we recommend skipping this one until things get better!)


Spend a weekend in the woods

The best way to celebrate the first day of Spring? Camping.

If it’s a bit nippy, bring an extra blanket. If you’re worried about rain, bring a tarp.

Take advantage of this moment as an excuse to get outdoors and remind yourself of all you love in the great outdoors.

Pro-Tip: Don’t forget your Trek Light Gear Double Hammock or the Campfire Camping Pole for those campfire meals. Both are camping essentials!


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