Must-Have Surfing Gear: A Hammock

Best Surfing Gear - The Trek Light Hammock

Must-Have Surfing Gear:
The Trusty Hammock

If you are a surfer, chances are you either:

a.) live by the beach
b.) wish you lived by the beach
c.) travel to the beach as often as you can

You love the ocean, the smell of the salt water, the sound of the waves, and the warmth of the sun.  If the ocean is part of what makes you tick, you’ll soon discover that when the waves aren't coming, or when you just need a break in between sets, enjoying the ocean from a Trek Light Hammock is sublime.

Why is a Trek Light hammock ideal for surfing?

  • Relax while gently rocking with the breeze and listen to the rhythmic sound of the waves beat down on the shore.
  • Use it as a place to stash your gear to keep the sand out.
  • Hang the hammock by the water and enjoy the beautiful view.
  • Convert your Trek Light hammock into a quick-drying beach blanket.
  • Sleep or nap in your hammock throughout your surf trip

Not only is a Trek Light hammock the most comfortable seat to bring along on a surfing trip, but it is the most practical.

Bunking together with a bunch of friends on your next destination surf trip?

Trek Light's hammocks are designed to be used a full-time bed as much as a place to casually relax. Stop worrying about who's going to sleep on the floor or the couch and do it right with a hammock!

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Trek Light Hammocks are made of quick-drying parachute nylon, so even if you get it soaked it’s only minutes before the warm sunshine wicks that water away and you once again have a silky, soft seat. Parachute nylon won’t rot or mildew and the fabric is so fine that you don’t have to worry about trekking any sand back home with you. If it’s warm, the parachute nylon is a comfortable, cool sheet to lay on.

 Trek Light's lightweight, portable hammocks give you all these options with little cost. They only weigh ~1 lb. or less and can slip in your bag, under your arm, or hang from the tie on your board. 

Did we mention that all Trek Light hammocks come with a Lifetime Warranty & Happiness Guarantee?


Here's What Our Customers Say:

"If you really need to wonder if surfing and hammocking go well together, you haven't done enough of either."

- Matt B. 

"On our last trip to Nicaragua everyone was on point and brought their Trek Light hammock with them - they made the entire trip. 

We all slept outside under the stars every night and it's hard to explain but the hammocks were the best memory makers imaginable. After a long, epic day surfing we would all come back and unwind in the hammocks and laugh into the night - until we woke up to do it all over again."

- Clive K.


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