Must Have Gear: Kayaking And Rafting With A Hammock

Kayaking & Rafting Must Have Gear - Trek Light Hammock

Better With A Hammock:
Kayaking And Rafting

Whether you’re flying down Class IV rapids or peacefully floating down the lazy river, a Trek Light Hammock is the perfect piece of gear to have with you.

It’s so small and light you won’t even know it’s there, and it’s useful and luxurious no matter what kind of adventure you’re taking.

On day trips, it provides the perfect peaceful respite from the grueling rapids. After a run, you’ll love taking a break near the water in a comfortable, quick-drying, silky seat. Or, to complement your relaxation floating down a creek in a tube, you can throw up a hammock to get some sun or lay it out on the river bank for a picnic lunch.

You don’t need to pack a big blanket, the hammock easily converts into a ground blanket, and the parachute nylon fabric is so fine and silky that you don’t have to worry about trekking any sand back home with you.

On an overnight trip, where you may think you need a heavy tent, think again!

When you’re going on an overnight river trip, one of the most important things you can do is make sure that you’ve packed your gear correctly. Your tent needs to stay dry or else you’re going to be spending your night trying to sleep in a cold, smelly and wet environment.

Trek Light's camping hammocks are made with a quick dry, anti-rot, anti-mildew parachute nylon material that, like you, has no problems getting wet all day.

Keeping your sleeping quarters dry isn’t the only concern on an overnight river trip. How many times have you been tired at the end of a long day of paddling and you find the perfect spot to set up camp only to find out that there’s not enough flat ground for your tents?

River banks are often rocky, and the trees and their roots grow rampant. River levels can change drastically overnight so even if there’s a soft sandy area right by the water you’d be smart to avoid the temptation. You don’t have it in you to leave the great spot you found and paddle anymore, so you decide to just make do and try to ignore the fact that you’ve got roots and rocks under your tent instead of the soft sand or dirt you were hoping for.

The quest for flat ground is over when you bring a Trek Light hammock on your next river trip.

The trees and rocks that once prevented you from finding a good place to set up your tent now provide the perfect place to set up your portable camping hammock and spend your night off the ground and under the stars.

Even if you’re just taking the kayak out for a day run or to play in the rapids for a bit, setup a Trek Light Hammock when you get back to the car for some well-deserved rest.

You’ll be happy you brought along the lightest, most durable, and most practical camping hammock available.

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