Under The Stars Candle

"Do you smell that?"

"It wasn't me."

"What a shame - it smells so good."

We won't be shy on this one: this is the best smelling candle you'll ever own.

If you don't agree, just send it back - we can never have enough around the office.


When Life Is Good, It Smells Like This.

The wind is blowing gently through the pines.

The campfire is just getting started. 

The first stars are coming out and you just witnessed a sunset so amazing you knew it wasn't even worth trying to take a picture.

We took this moment, and we turned it into a candle.

The mountains. The trees. Happiness. Fresh air, with a hint of campfire.

We're not encouraging you to stay home more often, but when you do have to be surrounded by walls instead of mountains - we made you this.



A Really Good Candle

Every candle is 100% soy wax, hand-poured right here in Colorado, scented with essential oils, with a lead-free wick and a burn time of approximately 55-65 hours.

The all-natural essential oils are what makes this candle truly special. When you smell the balsam fir, the cedar, the vetiver - you're getting the same healing benefits they provide in plant form when you take a deep breath outdoors

The scent doesn't just transport you to the outdoors, it brings the outdoors to you.

Under The Stars Camping Outdoors Candle Pine Campfire

Buy a Candle Plant A Tree - Social Give Back Program

When you buy this candle, you change the world.

For every candle sold, we work with Trees For The Future to plant a tree in your honor.

Why is that so powerful? By helping small farmers and villages around the world with the planting of fruit & vegetable trees, shade trees and more, together we're going beyond basic environmental change. Your simple purchase creates a chain reaction that will feed the hungry, create small business, and generate a huge amount of social good and happiness. You get an amazing candle and create a legacy of change.

We think that's a pretty good reason to relax.

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Pairs Well With

  • Van Life, Dorm Life, Hammock Life, Work Life (Balanced)
  • Ribeye steak, cooked just past rare over hot coals
  • Your favorite Hammock Radio playlist
  • Slippers, Snow & Sunday Mornings

Candle Specs

  • Hand-poured 100% soy wax (~8oz)
  • Lead-free cotton wick
  • Made from all-natural essential oils - we took nature and squeezed it
  • Burn Time: ~55-65 hours
  • Jar Circumference: 2.75 in 
  • Jar Height: 3.5 in

Meet The Maker:
Rachel Woolcott / Wooly Wax Candles

Wooly Wax Candles Maker - Rachel Woolcott

Handmade With Love in Colorado

Every candle is hand-poured by Rachel at her Wooly Wax Candles studio right down the road from Trek Light HQ in Denver, CO. 

When we decided we wanted to make a candle we didn't just say "Hey Rachel, we want a candle that feels like camping!" Well, actually we did, but then she told us that it didn't work that way - we were going to come down to the studio and create it with her. 

So we did, and it was awesome.

One smell at a time, we worked our way through bottle after bottle of essential oils (hmmm...Himalayan Cedar or Atlas Cedar? Bergamot or Lemon?) to find the perfect combination.  And we found it. Thanks Rachel!

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews

Absolutely great aroma. Very relaxing and really felt like it made the room feel warmer.

I bought a candle

I live in a mountain shack and I bought a candle that smells like woodsy mountain air. Mountain scents on mountain scents going on right now. Even if you don't live on a mountain, this candle will still help your life smell like mountain.

Can’t really smell it.

Looks nice but the scent is so weak I can’t smell it when it is lit. My friends can’t either. Pretty disappointed. I will use it for a (super expensive) emergency candle.

Candle Conniseur

I am an avid camper and know quite a bit about the great outdoors and know first thing about the glorious smells attributed to it!! I own THOUSANDS of candles and when I read the description of this candle, my curiosity got the best of me and I had to have it! Could it really be possible? Capturing that illusive outdoor smell of trees, fresh air AND a campfire that stole my heart so many years ago as a child that has me forever wanting to escape this concrete jungle and wander back into the folds of Mother Nature? As I waited in anticipation, the candle came in a very tamely manner in a nicely packaged box with a nice handwritten note whichI thought was a brilliant touch. As I raced home from the mailbox, I could hardily contain my childlike anticipation as I quickly grabbed my lighter and sat back waiting, no...hoping for the magic to happen. Much to my disappointment, the room started to fill with the ever too familiar scent of so many candles before it. The smell wafting from my candle was that of pine, strong, overpowering smell of that which could've been found in Glade Evergreen candle at my local supermarket for a lot cheaper! No undertones of campfire, only pine, and not even fresh pine, a pine scent that one gets from opening a bottle of Pine Sol. The company gets a 5 star for delivery speed, packaging and the personal touch from the handwritten note, but a 2 star on the lack of true outdoor, camping smell of my child/adulthood. Will still order from this company in hopes of capturing that "true" outdoor camping candle that continues to elude me!

Hi Cathleen - We're so sorry to hear that you didn't like the candle! Your description of the smell is very different than what we've heard from others, but we always appreciate hearing honest feedback so thanks for sharing! If you'd like to return the candle to us or need anything at all don't hesitate to reach out so we can help.
The Woods

This is my 2nd candle and I love it. I burn it every night when I'm cooking dinner. Recommended highly for a nice woodsy smell.

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