Welcome Stumblers!


In the last three days we’ve had over 5,000 7,000 people visit the blog from StumbleUpon.   That’s a huge spike in traffic for the blog and I figured it’s a good opportunity for me to welcome you and let you know what you’ve stumbled upon.

Trek Life is one of those company blogs that strives not to be a company blog.   The blog exists as an extension of Trek Light Gear, an outdoor gear company based in Boulder, Colorado.   We definitely will talk about topics that directly relate to our products from time to time, from the benefits of compact reusable bags to why you should own a lightweight camping hammock.   But we’re not here to market our products or give you a sales pitch in every blog post, we’re here to connect with our visitors who share a passion for the outdoors.   That passion for the outdoors can cover everything from saving the environment to learning about how to stay warm on your next hiking trip.   Maybe you’re an aspiring outdoor chef looking to learn some camping cooking tips, or you’re curious to know how hammock therapy is helping premature babies.  We’ll always do our best to provide you with quality content to help you ‘Trek Lightly’ on this planet.

We just launched the blog in May of 2008 so we’re really just getting rolling and we hope you like what you see so far.  If you’d like to get more involved and expand the conversation you should visit the Trek Life Forum as well.   You should also go ahead and subscribe to our RSS feed so you’ll be able to stay current with all the latest Trek Life postings without needing to check the blog every day.

P.S.  As a special welcome to our StumbleUpon friends I’d also like to offer a coupon code for 10% off anything in the Trek Light Gear store.  Just enter the code STUMBLE0708 during checkout, the coupon will be only be valid for one week so if you’re reading this post go ahead and take advantage of the offer now!

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