Lessons In Happiness: Holiday Edition

Continuing the Lessons In Happiness series I just wanted to share a great note from the Inbox, it’s letters like these that fuel the Trek Light fire (figuratively, I promise we don’t throw them in the fire):

I must write to write tell you how extremely satisfied I am with your customer support.

On 12/24 I called in a panic not remembering if I had even completed my order for a bug screen.  You took the time to calm me down, trace the item and offer your assistance if the item never delivered.  This was your busiest day and you treated me like I was your top customer.

I related the story to my son for whom the screen was a gift.  He then related the story of last year when Trek Light had his order delivered on Christmas day!  This was above any expectations anyone could have.

Be assured, that if we ever need a product that you offer, our purchase will be with you.  We wish you nothing but success in the future.

Thank you for your outstanding attention to customer service.  BTW - the hand written note on the packing slip "Enjoy, Steve" was such a wonderful gesture.  Just another reason to tell you that we appreciate what a great company you have.


Thanks Steve!

I'm sure it's obvious just how much a letter like this means to me as a business owner. As we begin 2011, things are picking up steam here at Trek Light Gear.   I know that as the company grows this year and in the years ahead I'll be presented with a number of new challenges and changes when it comes to running a business.  Lots of businesses have started small and offered great customer service and then let it crumble as soon as they've expanded.   I'm writing this post to let you all know that I'll keep doing everything possible to earn this kind of support and positive feedback each and every day, without it the Trek Light fire just wouldn't be lit.

Just make sure to keep the letters coming though, it can get a little cold in here during the winter.

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