Trek Light Gear Around The World

When Trek Light Gear first began forming into a ‘real business’ with a logo, a website and some actual branding behind it, stickers were high on the priority list.  Their impact and ROI is nearly impossible to measure but that hardly matters, stickers are awesome.   You’ll hardly ever see people get excited about brochures, business cards, or the like -but put some free stickers out on the table and you’ll have people looking at you with puppy dog eyes saying ‘Do you mind if I take two?’

Our sticker strategy at Trek Light Gear has been to make them available at trade shows and events (our music themed sticker was created specifically for the music festival crowds) and we include them in every single order that we ship out through the website.  We’ve sent thousands upon thousands of stickers out into the wild and yet, I haven’t yet had the experience of unexpectedly running across one in my travels and only a few people have taken photos of their stickers and sent them in.  We've shipped to over 25 countries now which means our stickers have traveled all around the world and yet I don't get to see where 99% of them end up.  I want to change that.



It’s an amazing feeling for a business owner to see your brand travel around the world.  I’m lucky that our hammocks are natural born travelers and inspire people to take photos of them in amazing places.  

And now, I want to see our stickers become a stronger part of our branding.  I want you to find cool, hopefully high profile (and non-destructive!) places to put them and take photos of where they (and you) have been.  I want the photos to be a testament to how widespread and passionate our fan base is and how excited people are to help spread the word about Trek Light. 

I’d love to see the same thing happen with our t-shirts and other branded items (see the photo below of two of my favorite Trek Light fans!), so don't hesitate to take pictures anytime you're rocking the Trek Light brand but unfortunately I can’t afford to give those away for free so I'm starting this movement with stickers.


To help get it going, I’ve decided to no longer just hand out stickers at events and with orders but to make them available (for free) to anyone willing to lend a hand in this mission. To request your stickers, just visit this page to take the Sticker Oath and you’ll soon be the proud new owner of some cool TLG stickers. Right now we’ve got two different sticker designs (shown below) but if the program is successful we’ll definitely get to work making some more designs (got any design suggestions, slogans, etc.? let us know!)

I have no idea what the request rate will be like, but judging on the number of stickers we hand out in person I have a feeling I’ll be licking a lot of envelopes going forward.  All I ask is that you help make this worth our time and investment by putting the stickers to good use, taking photos along the way (have I mentioned how much I love photos?) and helping us spread the Trek Light love far and wide.  Slap it on your suitcase that you travel with, your water bottle, laptop or that wall of stickers at your favorite bar. Know someone famous? Stick it on them and take a picture.  I'm psyched to see what you all come up with and how creative we can get.


Want some Trek Light Gear stickers? Get ‘em here.

Already have some cool photos of you and your Trek Light Gear stickers, hammock or anything else you want to share with us? Please go post them directly on our Facebook page or email them to us!

And if you like the sticker designs (and lots of what you see in our Design Shop), please stop by the Gravity Creative Facebook page and tell them how much you like it!

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