Trek Light Gear Photo Contest Winners Recap

Spring is in the air and it’s time to start taking some photos and submitting them to the Trek Light Gear Photo Contest! To enter your photos just attach them to an email and send them to us here. For full contest rules and details, go here. To get you inspired, here’s a look at the winners from last year:

Contest #1


First Place: Victoria K. from Pinckney, MI

While we certainly don't ask you to put yourself in an awkward or potentially dangerous position to enter our photo contest, Victoria sent in a great picture of her showing off the strength, size and durability of our Eco Tote Bags - you've got to see it to believe it!   We spend every day talking to our customers about how strong and durable the parachute nylon material is that we use in our products, but Victoria has showed us that a picture sometimes says it all. Victoria has earned herself a $25 Trek Light Gear Gift Certificate for her creativity (and determination)!


Runner-Up: Sandy Kramer of Miami, FL

Sandy also chose to show off a Trek Light Eco Tote in her entry and she showed us just how great of a travel companion they can be.   The photo was taken in the Mexican village of Ajijic (about 45 minutes south of Guadalajara) and, as Sandy put it:

"There was no shortage of background color to show off my Eco Tote".

We'll be sending Sandy a Trek Light Gear T-Shirt and we hope she inspires you to bring along an Eco Tote on your next vacation.   Whether you use them for all the shopping you'll do or even to give away as gifts for the people who offer you hospitality along the way, an Eco Tote is the perfect companion on your next trip.

Contest #2:

Corey Crespi

First Place: Corey Crespi - Boulder, CO

Corey was so excited to show us his great photo that he brought them right to us at the Trek Light Gear kiosk in Boulder.  Corey is an outdoor lover but he also knows that the outdoors aren't the only place to enjoy the benefits of his lightweight camping hammock.  Corey tells us he loves that he can relax indoors in the hammock whenever he wants but can also easily take it down when he needs some extra space or when he's heading out for an outdoor adventure. Congratulations Corey, you've won a $25 Trek Light Gear Gift Certificate!

Eric S

Runner-Up: Eric Santo - Dublin, OH

Eric sent in this picture from a recent trip to Maui and said he found no shortage of perfect trees right along the beaches to hang out in his Trek Light Double.

"Hanging out in the water is peaceful when the waves are slow, but my new favorite spot to take a break and enjoy the scenery is definitely my Trek Light hammock.   I wouldn't even think of heading out on another trip without one.”

We're sending Eric a Trek Light Gear T-Shirt and we're happy to know that Trek Light's parachute nylon travel hammock is now a permanent part of his travel gear. When you take a tropical vacation you shouldn't have to keep your fingers crossed that you'll find a great hammock along the way - remember to bring along the lightweight hammock that goes wherever you do and you'll have the perfect vacation every time!

Contest #3:


First Place: Amy Cummins in Roatan, Honduras

Amy snapped this great shot of her and her Trek Light hammock in Roatan, Honduras and we love it!   She took the picture while traveling on Jam Cruise in 2007 and said that her Pink and Charcoal Double Hammock was the perfect way to relax during the cruise.   Amy tells us that she's currently traveling in Australia and SE Asia and to 'look out' for some more pictures to come.  Keep 'em coming Amy! Congratulations Amy, you've won a $25 Trek Light Gear Gift Certificate!


Runner-Up: John Hatteras

John sent in this picture of a recent camping trip and it's a great example of what makes a Trek Light hammock the ideal piece of gear for your next camping trip.   In John's words:

"I found this perfect spot to camp right next to the creek, but the terrain was uneven and there wasn't any flat ground in sight to lay a tent down.  If I didn't have my hammock with me I would have had to keep hiking and I could have easily spent an hour or more looking for a place to pitch my tent.  Luckily I was able to setup my Trek Light camping hammock in seconds and get a great night sleep in a great spot!"

We couldn't say it any better ourselves and we'll be sending John a Trek Light Gear T-Shirt for sending us the great photo and story.

Contest #4

First Place and Runner Up: John and Deb Whitmyer (Colorado)

John Whitmyer
Deb Whitmyer
John Whitmyer ATV

John and Deb sent us in not one, but three great photos, and instead of choosing one of them they're all going to be featured as our winning entries for October and November.  The initial email we received from John simply said the following:

"Both my dear wife and I take our Trek's EVERYWHERE, and there is NOWHERE we can't set up and chill out."

As if that weren't enough, John also sent in the following photo the other day showing his backyard setup:

Whitmyer Backyard

"Last year, we built a large triangular frame under a huge black walnut tree, and it has become our favorite place to relax evenings and watch the bats come out to "work" our yard.    Three 4 x 4's, three 2x4's a couple sacks of Sacrite and wa-la, a very nice spot indeed."

We're always trying to tell our customers that you don't need two trees to hang a Trek Light Hammock and these pictures certainly prove it! As a special thank you, John and Deb will receive a $50 Trek Light Gear Gift Certificate!!
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