Trek Light Adventures: Floating above the Mopan River in Belize

Trek Light,

We acquired an inflatable kayak from friends and decided to take a self guided tour down the Mopan River in Belize. So we figured we would be on the water all day but something told us we needed to bring our hammocks none the less. When we saw this tree poking up out of the water both of us simultaneously thought: ¨Now that would be a sick hammock spot.¨ We paddled our way over to the tree and found a new way to float above the water. Good times. This stretch of river took us from Benque down to Bullet Tree near San Ingnacio, Belize. This special hammock spot added to a an amazing day.


Mopan River - BelizeMopan River - BelizeMopan River - BelizeMopan River - Belize

While showing off our pictures to some friends we met from Israel they remarked that the third picture looks like a butterfly standing on a branch. What do you think? The last pic shows Joe on the shore with Andy chilling in the background staying lifted above the water. What a beautiful day. Joe and Andy - Free Base

[Ed. Note: Even better, they were able to send in a short video of their beautifulhammock spot on the Mopan River – check it out!!]

Seth Haber - Founder, CEO
Seth Haber - Founder, CEO

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