Trek Light Adventures: At Your Own Risk Edition

‘Get Creative’ is advice that I’ve given to countless customers over the years and it’s deeply rooted in the essence of Trek Light Gear.

When your hammock is capable of going where no hammock has gone before, you quickly realize the joy of relaxing in a hammock in a spot you never would have dreamed of.  That might mean you’re next to a waterfall, taking a hammock break on the ski slopes, or even just tailgating from the comfort of a hammock strung between two cars.  But, when you’re limited only by your own imagination of where to hang your hammock, it’s bound to end up in some pretty extreme places. 

The latest update from Joe and Andy on their Central America adventure is a good example of the more extreme side of where your Trek Light Hammock can take you.

Please, please, please keep in mind that you should always hang your Trek Light Hammock in a safe spot.  That means keeping it low to the ground, double checking all your hanging connections and making sure there are no holes in your hammock or sharp objects on you that might tear the hammock.   I will always continue to encourage your creativity and together we’ll continue to push the boundaries of the hammock lifestyle, but no matter how strong we make our gear or how careful you are it’s a fact of life that things can go wrong.  An unsafe spot is ultimately any place that you’d risk serious injury if you were to fall from the hammock.  If you choose to hang your hammock in an unsafe spot, please know that you are doing so at your own risk.  Enough said, right? On with the extreme bridge pictures!

Trek Tight,
Right outside of the village Lanquin there is beautiful natural formation known as Semuc Champey. These pics come from the the bridge over the Cohaban river at the entrance to the trail that leads to the crystal pools. We'll let the shots say the rest...


Extreme Hammock 1
Extreme Hammock 2
Extreme Hammock 3
Extreme Hammock 4
Extreme Hammock 5
Extreme Hammock 6

Extreme Hammock 7

Extreme Hammock 8
Extreme Hammock 9

Extreme Hammock 10

Extreme Hammock 11
Extreme Hammock 12
Extreme Hammock 13

- Joe and Andy (Team Free Base)

If you'd like to see the full size versions of these pictures and the rest of Joe and Andy's adventures so far, check out the full gallery on Flickr!

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