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Think Green!

This St. Patrick's Day, when you find yourself surrounded by green everywhere you turn and your thoughts are filled with images of parades, corned beef and cabbage and green beer, I'd like to invite you think about some of the other ways you can incorporate green into your life all year long. Whether it's living a green lifestyle or just spending more time getting outside and surrounding yourself with nature's own green parade, you truly can never have enough green in your life....

  • Plant a garden this year and grow your own veggies and herbs: You'll be amazed at how good they taste and how much more likely you are to use them in your cooking when they're always available

  • Plan a picnic: Whether you have a romantic dinner picnic after work with a sunset and some wine or you wait until the weekend and do lunch, a picnic is a great excuse to get away from your kitchen table and eat dinner with a view you won't have to pay extra for.

  • Volunteer for a trail/bike path/roadway cleanup: There's always work to be done to keep the trails and roads you love clean and green. You'll get to work outside, meet some like-minded folks, and you'll likely gain a huge appreciation for the work that gets done every day to keep our parks and trails beautiful.

So on March 18th, when you're done seeing green, I hope you can continue to find ways to add a little green to your life every day. And of course, Trek Light Hammocks are a great way to get outside and enjoy the world around you without damaging your surroundings or harming Mother Nature.

I hope you're all enjoying your year so far, there's lots to come from Trek Light Hammocks in the months ahead. Stay tuned for more products, a brand new website, and even the opening of a retail location in Boulder. We're excited for what's to come and we're happy to have a customer base that keeps our job as great as it is.

Think Green,

Seth Haber
Trek Light Hammocks

P.S. Have some great ideas for how you're going to incorporate some more green into your life this year? I'd love to hear them, send them to me and I'll post them to the blog.



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