Casting Call - Are You A Survival Expert?

NOTE: This is an outdated post from 2011, the casting call is long since over.  We hate the idea of deleting any articles from the blog since even old posts are sometimes of value, but please be aware that this is here for archival purposes only!

I was just approached with a casting call opportunity that may be a great fit for many of you in the Trek Light audience.  Here are the details exactly as given to me:


Think you have all the skills to survive an apocalypse?  Can you lead a survival expedition out into the wild?  Are you an outgoing, natural born, balls-to-the-wall leader who can excel in any survival scenario?  Then we want to hear from you! An established international television production company seeks new talent for a survival themed project. We are seeking larger than life personalities and adventurous individuals who have a background and experience in the following:

  • Survival skill techniques and strategies
  • Hunting, trapping, foraging, and fishing
  • Extreme outdoor pursuits and primitive living
  • Weaponry (not just guns; knives, crossbows, spears, etc.)
  • Disaster prepping and emergency escape routing
Must have solid credentials!  No amateurs! To be considered, please email us the following.  Submissions that do not include the information below WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED:
  • Your updated resume
  • A current photo
  • Any video, YouTube links, websites, or blogs that highlight your work
  • A brief description of your background and why you are THE best candidate for this amazing opportunity.
Send your submission to: with the subject line: Survival Project Casting Company: Story House Productions 2233 Wisconsin Ave., N.W. Washington, D.C. 20007 Main: 202.342.1373 Ext.212 Fax: 202.342.3883


Keep in mind this isn't something that Trek Light Gear is sponsoring or in any way involved with so if you have any questions about the opportunity you should contact Story House Productions directly for assistance.  

If you run a survival blog or have friends who may be interested in this opportunity don't hesitate to share this post.  If you do submit an application and make it on the show just don’t forget to bring your hammock along!

Dave Canterbury Hammock

I know a large number of our customers and fans share a passion for survival and self reliance studies so I’m sure that some of you reading will be interested in applying.  

Dave Canterbury discovered our hammocks a few years back and a year or so later he was the star of one of the best survival shows on the Discovery Channel.  Coincidence? No way! :) (Update: It was one of the best survival shows on TV, but Dave is no longer on it so we'll leave it at that.  

Dave's newest show is premiering on the Hunt Channel on Dish TV in July 2014. If you get Dish TV be sure to check out Pathfinder Outdoor Journal - the show will explore "the Skills, Equipment, and Methods of Past Woodsman to gain a better knowledge of Wilderness Self-Reliance." Never stop learning!)

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