Trek Light Gear Unplugged: Interview

Trek Light Unplugged: Interview


I recently took part in a really fun interview session with Joseph Logan, published author and an accomplished business advisor and consultant.  I first came into contact with Joseph after speaking about social media at a local Boulder conference and we immediately had lots to talk about.  

The interview was extremely fun and, thanks to some great questions, gets into subjects that cover more of the personal side behind starting and running a business like Trek Light Gear.  The interview was broken into three parts and can be found here:

Part I:  Retail Vs. Tech and Taking The Leap

Part II: Learn As You Go, Mentorship and Crowdsourcing

Part III: Rhode Island, Boulder and Hammock Happiness

If you like reading my ramblings (you’re reading this blog aren’t you?), I’ve done a few other interviews which you can find online, including another fun interview with Modern Eco Homes from back in late 2009.  In it you’ll find some thoughts and tips surrounding the ‘green movement’ and amazingly I also get to talk about my love for Boulder beer-league sports in the same interview.   I also did an interview with the New York Times last summer for the article “Tapping The Wisdom of the Crowd” and although most of what I had to say wasn’t printed, it’s still a great article about how I’ve been using crowdsourcing initiatives through a partnership with another cool Boulder startup Napkin Labs.


I’m contemplating doing an interview series myself here on the blog – is there anyone you’d like to see me interview? It can be anyone from an entrepreneur with a passion to share to a local hero of yours doing something special your fellow readers would love to hear about….let me know if you’ve got any ideas!

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