Trek Light Gear Photo Wins REI Photo Contest!

About a week ago I noticed that REI was having a photo contest where they asked people to “submit a photo of yourself wearing or using your favorite outdoor brand(s)”.  As soon as I saw it I knew that some of the incredible hammock photos you’ve all submitted would be perfect for the contest so I posted about it on Facebook and Twitter and encouraged you to submit some of your Trek Light Gear photos to the contest.

Trek Light Gear friend and fan Jennifer Akullian heeded the call and submitted one of the many amazing shots she’s taken with her Trek Light hammock.  I’m thrilled to share with you that Jennifer’s photo was picked as the winner in the photo contest and as a result she’s walking away with a $500 REI Gift Card!!!

Check out the incredible photo that won the contest:

Hammock Photo Wins REI Contest!

Congratulations Jen and thanks for taking such an awesome photo!

Here’s even better news - it looks like REI is running the exact same contest again right now so if an $500 REI Gift Card sounds awesome to you please submit any of your great Trek Light Gear photos to the contest. 

I just submitted a photo myself so whether you’re submitting a photo or not please go ahead and vote for our photo by clicking here or on the photo below!

REI is high on the list of retailers that we’d love to have carrying Trek Light Gear products so anything we do to get their attention and show them how much people love their Trek Light Gear is going to help make that a reality!

The current contest ends tomorrow (December 9th) so please cast your vote and submit your photos before then.  If they start the contest over again next week we’ll definitely update you.  If you do submit your photo make sure you let us know and we’ll post a link to your photo on our Facebook page so people can vote for it!

UPDATE: The contest did start over again this week (December 12th - 16th) so go ahead and start submitting any great photos you have.  We re-submitted our photo again so if you'd like to take a second to vote for it, click here.

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