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Peace On Earth And Of Mind

The holiday frenzy is an easy one to get caught up in: from the gifts to buy for your second cousins who are *now* coming to dinner; the cards to write to your neighbors who always wave when you see them; and the decades-long rituals to remember and cherish (when all you really want to do is watch movies and eat cookies).

It’s the most wonderful time of year...and the most chaotic.

And let’s be honest: even the most mellow of us can be swept into the winter storm-like insanity of it all, because society is geared to make us believe that if we aren’t spending every minute doing something, then we aren’t really living. 

To that, we say: throw on your winter boots and silence your phones. Hit the snowy trail and enjoy the quiet of your own thoughts.

Trek Light Gear’s mantra is, “Feel Good. Do Good. Pass It On.”

To us, the “feel good” part is especially important to remember during the holidays. 

With that in mind, we have a few ideas to stay zen during these next few weeks. A handful of actions to make your holiday break feel a bit more grounded and chill.

Leave the chaos to others. This is your time. 


Carve out quiet time

Make your OWN list and check it twice, and make sure that the top of that list includes a generous helping of “me” time.

Whether that means a walk in the woods, a run in the morning, or an afternoon with a book in your favorite chair, take a moment to just be with yourself.

Appreciate the past decade (hello, 2020!) and all that it’s brought you (even the  hard lessons and challenging times).

Spend an hour or two doing something that isn’t surrounded by sound, people, or dinging phone notifications. 


Take a no-phone day

This is “quiet time” taken up a notch. 

Instead of ditching your phone for an hour or two, leave it behind for an entire day.

After 30 minutes without your buzzing device, we bet you’ll feel lighter and more in-tune with your world.


Sleep in

More sleep might be the cure to all the world’s problems.

OK - that might be a stretch, but it’s definitely true that GOOD sleep can have a positive effect on almost every part of our waking lives.

If you have kids or a job that makes this difficult, try to use the holidays to at least find a time to take a cat nap so you can snag some shut-eye while no one’s pinging your inbox or crying for attention.



Relaxation means something different to everyone.

To some, it’s using a meditation app or going for a massage. To others, it’s baking in our kitchens or plopping down in front of the TV.  

Whatever it is that helps you release tension, seek it out this holiday season.

As big fans of the hammock life, we find outdoor and indoor hammock setups can provide some serious relaxation when life gets a bit chaotic.

Pair one of our hammocks with a good book or podcast and you’ll be coasting towards Zen in no time. 


Try something new

Maybe you’ve always wanted to try ice skating but have never mustered the courage. Maybe learning to make pasta is at the top of your to-do list, but you’re nervous you’ll mess up.

This time of year is for remembering the special parts of life and embracing new modes of being. Ask yourself what you’d most like to try and then give yourself permission to do it.

Sneak out during breakfast, schedule time on a Saturday...however you get it done, trying something new will help you feel enriched and productive. 


Find the light in life

We mean this both figuratively and literally.

Light - in our view - is both about the beauty of the external world and finding peace in the internal one.

Over the holidays, try to remember that this is a time of celebration. Appreciate all that’s in front of you, all that’s behind you, all while cozied up in your favorite blanket or in front of a crackling fire.

Let’s close out the decade with a full heart. 


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