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The Outdoor Recreation Economy: America’s Sleeping Giant

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As our outdoor lands and protected spaces come under attack, it’s important for people to understand WHY we need to protect these public spaces and outdoor recreation in general.

The Outdoor Industry Association just published it’s economy report and what was learned is absolutely staggering.

7.6 MILLION American jobs are dependent on, and the result of, our rich outdoor recreation sector.

More people are employed in the fishing and hunting industry alone than the entire oil and gas industry. That’s over a million more jobs than the booming tech industry, more than the massive industries of construction, finance and insurance, transportation, education and on and on.

The outdoor industry is a huge sleeping giant in our economy and our nation’s infrastructure and we need to recognize it before it’s too late.

I believe strongly that we should be protecting our planet’s most precious resources regardless of the financial implications, but it’s important for you and everyone you know to understand that these issues are much more than a feel good, environmental crusade.

Stand up now to keep our public lands public. Stand up for the scientists who recognize that these lands are at risk. Let your elected officials know that any decisions which hurt our outdoor spaces will have a major impact on the health and strength of our nation as a whole. Then go have some fun under the sun.

Read the full Outdoor Recreation Economy Report here.

Outdoor Recreation Economy Report

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