Native Hammock Used to Promote Health

Hammock aboard the frigate Grand Turk

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Another interesting article concerning hammocks being used for health purposes, this time from the Philippines:
“If not for our ayod (hammock), many of us would have suffered difficult and unsafe maternal deliveries,” Bahingawan said.
According to provincial officials, the ayod has become a symbol of community oneness and unified action for health programs. It serves as an indigenous ambulance that is traditionally carried by men and guided by women.

I often remind backpackers that our camping hammocks can easily serve as a makeshift stretcher in an emergency situation and it’s interesting to read that the hammock is being used this way as an ‘indigenous ambulance’. 

I’ve yet to hear back from any customers that have had to use the hammock as a stretcher, which is good news of course.  If you’ve ever used a hammock for an emergency or health related purpose I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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Link: Native hammock used to promote health -, Philippine News for Filipinos

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