Light of Legends

Just a quick post to let you all know about a new Kickstarter project from our amazingly creative friends at North Street Labs: The Light of Legends!

Why are we talking about a super cool lamp design here? With a name like Trek Light Gear, it actually wouldn’t be too much of  stretch if we started making or promoting lighting products (watch out for the Trek Light Bulb in 2015!).  But, in case you forgot, North Street Labs is the same team behind our favorite creation ever, The American Dream: a fully drivable hammock stand that you’ll likely be hearing about from us even more in the near future.

North Street Labs has been making a huge name for themselves in recent months and I highly recommend reading this great article about their latest crazy project: 3, 2, 1 Build A Musical Tree! 72 Insane Hours At Red Bull’s Creation Challenge

Funding the Light of Legends Kickstarter project will not only get you an amazingly cool new lamp concept for your home or office, it will also help the creative souls at NSL continue innovating and bringing new creations to market – something we wholeheartedly support here at Trek Light Gear.

Check out their project now and get involved if you can!

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