If You’re Going To Walk Across America, Bring A Hammock


Thanks to Twitter, a few weeks ago I was able to connect with a fellow by the name of Jesse Simmons and learn about his mission to walk the nearly 4,000 miles from LA to Boston.   Jesse is doing it not for the exercise or the scenery, but to raise money for cancer research.  Along the way he’ll be teaching people about his journey and raising money for Lance Armstrong’s LIVESTRONG, the Jimmy Fund, and the Susan G. Komen For The Cure foundation.

or our longtime readers, you may remember our blog post from 2007, where we announced that we were sponsoring Brent Thomas and Lee Briggs in their ‘Bike Across America’ campaign.  Brent and Lee were successful in raising over $11,000 for cancer research as a result of their trip! There was nothing better than hearing that having a Trek Light Hammock along for the ride helped them immensely, whether it was for a rest in the middle of the day or to sleep in at night.  When I heard that Jesse was planning a similar mission, only he was planning to do it by foot, it didn’t take me long to get one of our lightweight hammocks in his hands.

Jesse has already covered over 400 miles, much of it down long and empty, hardpacked roads in the arid southwest.  He’s already had a chance to setup his Trek Light Hammock in Joshua Tree National Park and with all the miles he’s got left to go there’s nothing better than knowing he’ll be able to get off the ground after a long day and relax in a hammock.

When you’re walking alone from one side of the country to the other, the one thing you need is support.   Jesse has had a lot of folks come out and meet him along the way, give him a place to stay for the night, buy him a beer or just give him a high five.  Check out his route and if he’s coming near you see if you can meet up with him.  To follow Jesse online, you can keep up with his blog and his Twitter posts and, if you really want to put an extra spring in his step, please donate.

I encourage you to leave comments below, I will pass along any words of support to Jesse and I’m sure he’d be happy to know that the Trek Life community is rooting him on.

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