Trek Light Gear Introduces the World's First True Floating Hammock

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Boulder, Colorado-based Trek Light has added to its line of hammock lifestyle products with the launch of the patent-pending Trek Light HVR, the world’s first ever true ‘floating hammock’. And you’ve got to see it to believe it.


“From the very first day I started a hammock business, a floating hammock has always been the goal," says Seth Haber, founder and CEO of Trek Light.

The first prototype began field testing nearly a year ago and Trek Light is proud to announce that a fully-working production model is now ready to be sold in time for the Summer season. “The hardest part has been keeping our R&D process secret and the prototypes out of the hands of our competitors,” Haber said.

What Haber refers to as the ‘Trek Light Lifestyle’ has become a growing phenomenon among outdoor lovers and hammock fans around the country looking to lighten their load and relax comfortably wherever they go.   After successfully selling its unique brand of portable and lightweight hammocks for the last 10 years, the Trek Light HVR is a unique addition to its line of popular products - and a world’s first in hammock design.


Over the past year a select number of lucky hammock testers have been putting the HVR to use, and according to Trek Light the response so far has been incredible.  Avid hammock campers everywhere will love the Trek Light HVR for its incredible versatility.  “A primary advantage of camping with a hammock has always been that you can camp over any terrain - rocks, water, even on the side of a hill – all you needed was two sturdy trees to make camp” says Haber.  “Now, we’ve made it so you can literally camp anywhere – with ZERO impact to your environment.”

The low impact and environmentally friendly approach to camping has always been part of Trek Light's mission and with the introduction of the HVR they just may have claim to the Leave No Trace crown.  Through Trek Light's Buy A Hammock, Plant A Tree program the company has planted thousands of trees over the years and Haber says the program will “absolutely continue” even though trees are no longer a necessity for its product line.



Trek Light has also begun applying the patent-pending HVR technology to its other products as well – the HVR version of its hammock bug net, the Bug Free Hammock Shield, is currently in testing and should be ready for a Summer release as well.

While no retail price has been set yet, Trek Light Gear intends to debut the HVR at an affordable price point and make it available in its online store and retail location on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado.



With happy customers around the world and thousands of hammock lovers as part of the Trek Light Gear online community, this Boulder-based business will continue to find innovative ways of reaching the outdoor enthusiast community and spreading the philosophy that "Life is better in a hammock."

For more information about Trek Light and its products, visit or follow the company on Facebook or Twitter (@TrekLightGear). Additional Photos For Distribution (All Rights Reserved):

HVR Floating Hammock replaces your traditional hammock


UPDATE:  April Fools!  We wish it were true but for now we'll just have to keep on planting those trees and dreaming of a floating hammock.  Thanks to everyone who passed the story along and shared a laugh with us, feel free to keep spreading it around.

And especially thanks to those of you who forgot what day it was and actually got angry at us - we received more than a few upset phone calls and emails accusing us of trying to scam people and break the laws of physics.  You all made it an April Fools to remember, we love you all and thanks for being such fun fans and customers!

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